Way Too Much Information for Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is hilarious. If you aren’t watching The City, you’re missing on some of the best moments on television, hands down. Last night’s episode didn’t disappoint with my favorite “social” giving us a line worthy of endless repeat. Whitney invites Olivia to a party at an art gallery. Olivia says it sounds like fun, she’ll check her schedule, then she’ll text Whitney if she can go. Fine. Whitney goes on to say she’ll have to warn Olivia, though, and starts recounting all the Adam/Allie drama. Olivia looks disgusted for a split second then cuts her off and says, “This is way too much information for me to be hearing right now. I don’t want to hear any of this,” and even puts her fingers in her ears. Even after Whitney’s expression, she follows it up with a smile and says thanks for inviting her… it sounds like fun…if she can go. Love it!

How many times have you wanted to cut off an over-talker who spews way too much personal information or keeps the conversation going on a little too long? You’ve been there. A co-worker? A frenemy? Next time your patience has reached its end, just use this line, but be sure to take a cue from Miss Olivia by closing with a smile and a little forced enthusiasm. It’ll work like a charm!
Photos: MTV

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