to lob or not to lob

Long hair is like my security blanket and outside of my toddler years of growing it out, I think I’ve only ever cut my hair near my shoulders once. I wore it curly almost all the time back then and needless to say, the look wasn’t a hit. I had a lot to learn about styling and fighting frizz and the poodle look just didn’t suit. Now that Emery is here and I’m learning (at lightning speed) that selfish time in front of a mirror really isn’t realistic, I feel like a cut might be a solution. Less hair = less time spent on hair, right?
I just came across this spread on the lob (long bob) and am actually considering it. Who doesn’t want Jennifer Aniston hair? I love the texture of January Jones’. Maybe even a slightly longer version. Would that be a long lob? I can possibly, potentially, maybe, somewhat see my hair like this. So … to lob or not to lob? That is the question.

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