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Work Trip – St. Augustine

After my super quick mini-vacay to St. Mark’s last weekend, I headed straight for St. Augustine for the Florida Public Relations Association’s annual conference. Between program speakers, networking, tweeting, eavesdropping on seasoned pros, working while I could and squeezing in as much sight-seeing of America’s oldest city as we could in our downtime, I’m so happy to be home! Even if it means unpacking one extra large suitcase only to repack once again. But more on that later. For now, here’s my whirlwind work trip complete with fun fashion and my amazing FPRA divas!





Vacation in South Walton Like a Celebrity

So you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, the every day drama, the mundane and trade it in for a perfectly relaxing, salt-in-the-air, breeze-on-your-face, sun-on-your-skin, feet-in-the-sand kind of place? Our quiet little beach town has been frequented by one or two rock stars, country singers, politicians, world-renowned chefs and super star athletes. That’s right. We have our fair share of celebrity sightings on 30A.

Why? Because of this.

And the fact that locals leave them alone to relax and enjoy the scenery. Most people don’t do more than a double take when they realize they’re standing in line at Publix next to someone they just read about in a magazine or watched in Sunday’s big game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a little excitement, but this place is full of people with amazing stories of success, fortune and achievement. The one thing almost everyone here has in common is that they’ve traded in a more fast-paced, corporate-type lifestyles (no more black suits, board meetings and HOV lanes) for a moment or longer to get back to the basics.

So what does someone who could go anywhere or do anything do here? Check out some of the celebrity sightings in South Walton (updated):

  • Workout at Watercolor – Eli Manning, Laurie Hickson-Smith
  • Watch the sun go down at Bud & Alley’s – Sean Payton, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, Kenny Chesney, James Carville
  • Shop at Publix – Miley Cyrus, Emeril Lagasse
  • Eat at Cafe Thirty-A – Eli Manning, Lance Armstrong
  • Eat at George’s – Charles & Cassie Kelley, Emily Robison & Martie Maguire, Michele Kwan
  • Soak up the sun at Caliza – Katherine Heigl, Stephen Baldwin
  • Shop in Seaside – Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow, Jane Seymour
  • Browse toys at Duckie’s – Sheryl Crow, Kim Zolciak
  • YOLO board in the Gulf or coastal dune lake – Kellie Pickler, Ingo Rademacher
  • Indulge in perfected sweets at La Crema – Charles Kelley
  • Fill up at the Tom Thumb – All American Rejects
  • Sample Stinky’s delicious seafood – Bart Starr, Sam Bush
  • Stroll around Rosemary Beach – Katie Holmes, Vern Yip, Karl Rove, Kellie Pickler, Miley Cyrus, Tom Glavine
  • Dine at Fish Out of Water – Greg Kinnear
  • Eat at the Taco Bar – Eli Manning, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo
  • Lay on the beach – Candace Crawford Romo, Kellie Pickler and pretty much everyone else
  • Play on the beach – Tony Romo, Troy Aikman (The best beach football game ever!)
  • Drink on the beach – Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney
  • Eat, drink, sing and kick up your heels at the Red Bar – Sara Evans, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Julia Roberts, Sheryl Crow, Luke Bryan and many, many more
White sand, beautiful Gulf water, friendly people and living life pure and simple. That’s what it’s about in South Walton and on 30A, whether you’re here for a weekend or a lifetime, whether you’re famous or not. The lesson here: You don’t have to be a Super-Bowl-winning quarterback (or a rock star, movie star, etc) to enjoy a taste of sweet southern Gulf paradise. You just have to be in South Walton, living like the locals.

atlanta and company

Wow, it’s been a busy month and it’s only half way over! Work has been crazy, trying to settle in to our new house has been time-consuming and on top of that, I’ve even been traveling for work. Though I wouldn’t normally be the one to go out and about in our major markets chatting with media, I’ve pitched in lately and handled several appointments in Atlanta over the last few days. It was so fun, but so exhausting. Leaving Sunday and coming home late Tuesday night has been a little rough — it’s the longest I’ve been away from Emery. Ever. I missed my sweet girl so much, but it was also relaxing to get away, even if it was for work. You know me, so you know I squeezed in a little shopping time whenever I could. I was in the South’s largest city, after all.

After a fun afternoon of splishing and splashing with these sweet cheeks on display, my little Emery was down for the count and I was kissing her nose and hitting the road. I spent the last few days in Atlanta for a South Walton media mission, to catch up and chat with journalists about what’s new at the beach. Let me tell you, there is a wagon full of fresh happenings, including a fun photo contest and exciting giveaway on Facebook for those of you who want to Find Your Perfect Beach

Go ahead and enter. If I could name you all winners I would, but I have nothing to do with the selection and can only cheer and wish good luck from the side lines.

Meanwhile, enjoy a melange of photos from my trip.

Alabama country roads. I saw way too much of this view.

Pit stop in Auburn, AL. Home of the Auburn Tigers and two of my high school years. Ahh, memories!

The famous tree at Toomer’s Corner, recovering from a nasty poisoning by an Alabama fan. Doesn’t it seem sad?

Finally arrived in Atlanta after what seemed like hours of Alabama countryside. My friends Mara and Elizabeth at 92.9 Dave FM recommended I go straight to the new Anthropologie in the Howell Mill Road area. Guess what? I did. It was cool and awesome and did not disappoint.

Bought a few of these for a future project. 

Love this Anthro stool!

Such a cute area that seemed to be recently revitalized. I loved the leftover industrial elements juxtaposed with shiny new shops and lovely signs. 

Stopped at this cool Yeah! Burger after a Foursquare search with tons of great reviews. I loved the wallpaper detail.

I went for the grass-fed beef with extra avocado and gluten-free fries. Yum yum yum!

Hello from the hotel elevator! 
Desperately needed this after a day of traveling and speed-shopping!
Loving this little jute media swag bag we’re using these days, complete with flip flops, of course. 

Did I mention I love the Dave FM peeps? Stopped by to visit Mara and Elizabeth and talk hummus.

Lunch at Highland Bakery. I wanted it all.

Can you tell it’s already been a long day, even before noon? 
So far, it probably doesn’t look like I did much work, but trust me, there were lots of media appointments crammed in along with navigating the Atlanta traffic and gabbing about South Walton. By 5 o’clock, I had just enough time to run in Lenox Square before dinner.
I would love to one day commit to a red sofa. That day is just not today.
Love this J. Crew ensemble.
I was so excited to meet my best friend Shannon at Eclipse di Luna and it was icing on the cake that we were dining on a special ladies night – $15 for all-you-can-eat small plates. It was appetizer heaven.

Here is proof that we stuffed ourselves with fourteen, yes FOURTEEN different small plates.

We sipped wine and sampled dishes for hours. The great thing about best friends is that no matter how long it’s been since you last saw each other or what has happened in your life, you can pick up right where you left off, just like you never left. It was glorious. Love you, Shan!

We had to snap a pic of the crescent as a throwback to our old Gamma Phi days at FSU.
One of our final meetings was with Atlanta & Company for an on-air interview about South Walton and the contest. 

It was such a cool experience and our sweet host was so lovely. She was fabulous and professional and had perfect eye makeup. 

Lovin’ the Look of Greece

Lately I’ve been trying to plan a little girls’ trip to Europe in the fall, so I’ve been obsessed with anything travel related. I’ve never been, so it’s a pretty big deal for me. A friend of mine went to Greece not too long ago, and I seem to be falling madly in love with the pure whites and beautiful blues of the landscapes. The palette is just gorgeous and so relaxing. Everything pops against the bright white. It’s a similar look to a favorite local community and oh so pretty!

Simple and beautiful!

Of course, I can’t help but think of what I would wear! I think I would live in either version of this dress, or maybe both. The blue is fun, but you can’t go wrong with black and white.

Just pack a pair of heels and gladiator sandals — you’re good to go!

Photos: DB, Forever 21