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Tutus and Toes in the Sand | Seaside, FL

Emery and I made a little extra time for the sunset today, just because. Her ballet class is about 100 steps from the beach, so it’s practically illegal not to skip over and check it out. Of course, a sweet treat is almost always involved and today we went for Dawson’s yogurt with sprinkles and M&Ms. It was perfection. Emery and I ate every bite, then she demonstrated her newest ballet moves as if she had an entire audience. This mostly involves lots of clapping her hands and saying, “Okay. Okay. Okay.” as she thinks of the next plié or pirouette. I love every minute. These are the moments I just want to pause and savor!

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Fall Sunsets at the Beach


After a busy day of ballerina time for the Flutterby Festival, the obligatory trip to Target and plenty of 30A sunshine our Saturday was topped with a pit-stop to the beach just in time to catch the sunset. Emery’s favorite part? “Giving sand back to the water.” I just love the way she thinks!

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Sunset Fishing

What’s better than spending a relaxing weekend with your honey? Spending a relaxing weekend with your honey on the water, watching sunsets from the boat, spotting dolphins and catching our dinner. Ahh, happy day!


going, going, gone

People always say it’s the little things in life that can make you happiest. Since we’ve moved to our new house, it’s been busy non-stop day and night. We’re a week in and we’re still unpacking never-ending boxes, trying to find the glasses, forgetting where the shampoo is, staying up to finish tasks once Emery goes to sleep and hoping we can really settle in soon. Did I mention we don’t have furniture yet? We at least have all of Emery’s room and a guest bed to hold us over until we order new furniture after we (finally) close next week. So excited for that!

In the midst of all this mild chaos, I’ve found time to stop and enjoy the beautiful sunsets from our new view. I’ve even been up for the sunrise on a few occasions. The sky is absolutely gorgeous during these times and I really look forward to sitting on the porch watching them with my sweet girl. It’s a great reminder of the beauty around us every day and that God’s creations are truly awesome and inspiring. Please enjoy. :)