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Weekend Tea Party for Two







Weekends were made for lazy lounging, extra snuggling and even an impromptu lunchtime tea party. As I was cleaning the kitchen and standing in front of the fridge to see what our food options were, Emery had the bright idea to put together a little tea party for two. Luckily we had just the ingredients for chicken salad sandwiches, sweet tea and leftover Halloween candy. I just love the mismatched tea cups we have and, even more, how simply sweet and imaginative my three year old is. Can I just freeze this time and age forever?

Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party

A Colorful Morning

Colorful morning.jpgI don’t always have extra time in the morning, but when I have a few minutes to spare, I take full advantage by slowly sipping coffee at the dining room table, flipping through a magazine, watching the birds fly along the water in the backyard and planning outfit details in my head. It sure beats running like a crazy person out the front door!

Instyle Magazine  |  Earrings from Willow Boutique  |  Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick


Flamingo Party Inspiration

One thing I love about Pinterest is the never-ending supply of ideas. Type in “girl’s birthday,” “turning 3″ or “pink party” and the stream of beautiful images ready to be DIY’d is non-stop. Another reason I love this is that I can browse the ideas along with Emery and get her reaction to all the pretty pictures. After being introduced to a flamingo on one of our flash card apps, Emery’s now-favorite bird quickly shot to the top of the potential themes when we saw a few of snapshots of flamingo parties on Pinterest. Who knew Emery would be so enamored with Florida’s signature bird? Of course, I love the fact that we can incorporate black and white stripes into the party somehow – win, win for us both. Here are just a few of the inspiration images that we’ll be trying to emulate when her big birthday rolls around at the end of the month. Of course, the real priority is just to enjoy the day and celebrate our sweet little girl. Until then, drool on and find all links and sources via Pinterest here.

Flamingo Inspiration - FlamingoPicPinterest

A girly birthday banner…Flamingo Party - Banner

Gold lettered balloons…Flamingo Party - Decor

Adorable flamingo cookies…

FLamingo Party - Flamingo Cookies

Chic and preppy invites….Flamingo Party - Flamingo Invite

Obsessed with the table cloth and this big gold heart…
Flamingo Party - Food Table

Every party needs shimming gold directions…

Flamingo Party - Gold Arrow This makes serving ice cream so easy!Flamingo Party - Ice Cream Love the overhead lanterns here…Flamingo Party - Table Decor Flamingo Party - Umbrella PlasticMilkBottle

Mini Milk Bottle

Flamingo Inspiration - TomKatStudio

  The Tom Kat Studio

Emery Style: Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket

These days, getting Emery dressed has been a challenge. It isn’t our differing opinion that adds minutes to the morning routine (at least not yet!), it is the freezing cold, arctic front that has turned our mild Florida winter into something of a tundra. Luckily, layers are our friend and we’ve been piling them on. This is one outfit Emery picked out head to toe. I’m pretty sure those leopard flats are the most-worn item in her closet and therefore the best bargain ever scored for Emery. Details at the bottom.

Emery Style - Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket Emery Style - Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket

Emery Style - Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket

Sweater, Jacket and Jeans: Old Navy  |  Leopard Shoes: Cynthia Rowley

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Does anyone else actually sit down to eat breakfast on a weekday or is it just our family that runs out the door with a waffle, banana or granola bar in hand? In order to snooze the alarm until the last minute, we save time by laying out an outfit the night before. This is what we ended up with today: a fun floral button-down and bright accessories. Is it spring yet?

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Headband: F21  |  Necklace: Beach Baubles  |  Shirt: J. Crew crew cuts or similar here  |  Jeans: Circo at Target or similar here  |  Shoes: Old Navy

Happy Friday to Career Moms!

I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one of the “What I Do” memes floating around, from journalists to gamers, lawyers to Nicolas Cage and even stay-at-home moms. I haven’t come across one for career moms, so I decided to make my own. To all of the woman trying to balance work, mommy hood, being a wife and having interest on your own, many times unsuccessfully, this one’s for you! 

There’s an App For That + a Giveaway!

My hubby gives me such a hard time about having my phone glued to my hand around the clock. I may not always know the contents of our pantry, but I have an uncanny ability to participate in almost any activity with phone in hand or a short arm’s reach away. Sure I may be browsing Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram, but I’m also organizing my life and trying to make it more efficient with some seriously awesome apps. Thoughtful discussions about said apps, new discoveries and fresh ways to put that smartphone to use seem requisite, especially among iPhone devotees. If your phone is only as good as the apps you’ve chosen, it begs the question, “What apps can’t you live without?”

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and even thrown in a snazzy J. Crew iPhone 4/4s cover to give away! Read through and follow the instructions on the bottom to enter before Sunday, February 12 at 5 PM.

Food on the Table
This app makes meal planning and grocery shopping easy for people like me. It takes a lot of the daydreaming about what I’m in the mood for or wondering what might be on sale off my plate, so that I can make a grocery run smartly and efficiently. With only a few taps on my iPhone, I can see what the meat specials are for my favorite grocery store, choose one of the app’s pre-loaded recipes or add one of my own (totally not there yet!), make a grocery list of the items in the recipe, check off what I already have, then stroll through the store with an organized list in hand, crossing off as I go. I love that it takes care of researching the weekly sales and lists the items in order of department / location within the store. I’ve been known to do Google searches like “what aisle are taco shells on” once or twice while I’m in the store. This app is free, which gives you one less excuse to try it out. Even if you’re already super organized when it comes to grocery shopping, I’m sure you can save at least a few minutes using Food on the Table. Download it here or learn more here.

Let me start by saying that I’ve only been using this for a week. On the other hand, the fact that I’ve been able to use this for a week speaks volumes. I’m not a runner. I have less than zero extra time to exercise. Despite those things, somehow this Couch to 5k app (remember my new year’s resolutions included running a 5k in 2012?) has me actually looking forward to wogging as I call it (walking/jogging) as soon as I get home. The first week was hard, but I’m getting into the routine of it now and I hope I can keep it up. Even with a stop watch, I’m sure I would get lost in my thoughts and forget when to walk or jog. With C25k, I have a pleasant English woman politely commanding: “Begin running” or “Start walking” and I really want to obey. By the end of the eight weeks, I’m supposed to be 5k material. We’ll see, but for now I’m loving it.

Download here.

My obsession with photos plus cool vintage filters, frames and an element of social media sharing? What’s not to love?

Download here.

Great for home videos like my sweet Emery’s (almost) first steps or Youtube videos on a more professional level, this app is easy to use allowing trimming, cropping, titles, plus video and audio editing. The design works with the small size of the iPhone screen and I can even add some of the stock effects or music from my iTunes library. Of course, uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or an email is fast and easy when my videos are done.
Download here.

Flash Cards
My little munchkin is just getting to the age where she is fascinated with electronics, sounds that are almost words and anything bright, colorful or noisy. The flash cards in this app range from ABCs to numbers to body parts to food and animals, all with accompanying photos and sounds. I know this is only going to come in more handy as she gets older, but for now she is content to hold the phone and touch the screen a few times to hear the “A is for Apple” sound over and over again.

My husband has already proclaimed this the secret to our long, happy marriage. We’ve loaded all of our accounts to bank, credit card and more to keep track of our entire financial picture instead of just one account. I like the bill pay reminders and the way it automatically categorizes spending so we can see just where our money is going. Come on, you know you’ve wondered at least once how it’s possible to have spent your entire paycheck in a mere two days. Not only will Mint tell you, but it will also suggest budgets based on historical spending and send SMS or email reminders when accounts get below a certain point. They say PR people go into the PR field because we can’t do math, which makes this whiz app my new best friend.

Download it here.

Red Laser
I’m often torn between the instant gratification of shopping in a store versus the selection and price checking benefits of online shopping. With this, all I have to do is scan the barcode to get a quick list of where else a product is available and at what price. So, if you’re wondering if those fabulous heels you just tried on are on sale elsewhere or if you might find a better deal on those new Ray Bans, scan before you buy and forget about any buyer’s remorse! Learn more and download here. 

My Fitness Pal
Hmm… Is that grilled chicken sandwich really worse than fish tacos? This app helps me keep track of what I’m eating each day plus how many calories certain foods contain to help me make better decisions. I can also log my exercise (when I have time to actually do some) to keep track of calories I’ve burned, miles ran, etc. I love that I can login on the computer if I’m near one or only using the app if I’m not. Download it here.

This is THE app for networkers. Quite literally in a snap, this app lets you type in the details of business cards you’ve received and send an automatic follow-up email to your new acquaintance with a personal message. It has fields for social networks, too, so you can store Facebook, Twitter, and other social handles. How many times have you met a great contact at a networking event or cocktail party and never followed up? This takes the work away and helps you establish email or social communication to stay in touch. It’s wonderful. Download it here. 

For the girl (or guy) who loves a good list like me and is constantly managing snippets of info. I like to keep track of restaurants or dishes to try on vacation, items I need to research later or a great idea for a blog post, and with Evernote I can attach images or voice recordings to the notes to help me remember. It really keeps track of EVERYTHING! If you can do this as you go, you’ll be so much more organized when it’s time to plan, book or write. Download it here.

Are these your favorites? Do you have any apps you can’t live without?
For you iPhone 4/4s users, I have a very snazzy giveaway just for you! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with the name of your favorite app and why you can’t live without it before Sunday, February 12 at 5 PM CST. One commenter will be chosen at random by and will win this green printed J. Crew iPhone case. See a similar version here.

Good luck, happy apping and thanks for reading!

santa + baby

After a less than stellar home-cooked meal by yours truly Tuesday night (sorry, babe!), we decided to go out for a nice family dinner last night. While we were out and about, hustling and bustling along, we took Emery to see Santa. We weren’t sure what she would think about her first encounter with the jolly old fellow. We plopped her down and, let me tell you, she gave that man a serious up and down.
And you are?
No initial crying, which was wonderful. Is skepticism possible at 8 months? She seemed to settle in quickly with ol’ Santa. I’m sure it will be no time before she’s rattling off a list of items to the man in the red suit for ponies, iPads, castles and who knows what. 
Hi, guys!

 She was happy as a clam (though I never really understood that saying). Probably confident that she had expressly followed the guidelines of being good all year long (or 8 months) and had no worries about whether she would make the “Nice List.” Sounds like anyone you know?

Giving my good girl a kiss!

So glad she wasn’t traumatized for life or anything too dramatic. I think I was expecting the worst. It may have had something to do with the fact that one of the few Santas around is at our local Bass Pro Shop, which also meant “North Pole” additions like a giant taxidermized moose. (that vocab addition thanks to this video, if you haven’t seen it.) She may be an outdoors lover like her dad after all, although hopefully, she will have better taste in prints than camouflage. 

61 days of emery

I can’t believe another month with Emery has flown by so fast. Where did the last four weeks go? Today she got her two month shots and tomorrow I’m back to work. Next thing you know, I’ll be sending her off to college. So much has happened this month and I’m constantly amazed at how much she grows and changes daily. Today she weighed 12 lbs 6 oz and was 23 1/2″ long.
In May, Emery started smiling. When Hunter or I talk to her and get close to her face, she cracks the biggest sideways smile and pushes those big cheeks out even farther. I could just smile with her all day. She’s really getting a feel for her voice and has cried louder this month than we thought was possible for a sweet little baby. When she follows it up with a big smile, all distress is long forgotten. Emery loves her tummy time and is really working on holding her head up.
She’s really seen the sights too. We’ve been on lots of walks, seen a bunny rabbit in our backyard, duckies at the lake, taken Emery to church, traveled on her first plane trip and even took her fishing. What a month for such a little girl! I love her so much and have had so much fun getting to know her and see her personality develop. Going back to work should really make those nights and mornings with my girlie even more special than before. When I’m not working, I will definitely be kissing Emery’s sweet cheeks!