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Weekend Tea Party for Two







Weekends were made for lazy lounging, extra snuggling and even an impromptu lunchtime tea party. As I was cleaning the kitchen and standing in front of the fridge to see what our food options were, Emery had the bright idea to put together a little tea party for two. Luckily we had just the ingredients for chicken salad sandwiches, sweet tea and leftover Halloween candy. I just love the mismatched tea cups we have and, even more, how simply sweet and imaginative my three year old is. Can I just freeze this time and age forever?

Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party

Flamingo Party Invitation

Flamingo Party Invitation Emery's Birthday   |

We’re counting down the days until Emery turns 3 and these little gems just arrived in the mail. You might remember my flamingo party inspiration that Emery picked out during a recent Pinterest browsing session. A lawn flamingo and striped umbrella order later, we officially have a theme for Emery’s third birthday along with the cutest flamingo party invitations. Of course, I have to throw as much black and white in as I can while I still have the power to do so. Still finishing up other details for the party and I’ll be sure to share the final results along with all the birthday fun on the blog.

P.S. If you’re a font nerd like me, discovering and using new fonts is practically a hobby. The typeface for “Emery” on the invite is one of my new favorites – Ribbon font. Download it here.

Flamingo Party Inspiration

One thing I love about Pinterest is the never-ending supply of ideas. Type in “girl’s birthday,” “turning 3″ or “pink party” and the stream of beautiful images ready to be DIY’d is non-stop. Another reason I love this is that I can browse the ideas along with Emery and get her reaction to all the pretty pictures. After being introduced to a flamingo on one of our flash card apps, Emery’s now-favorite bird quickly shot to the top of the potential themes when we saw a few of snapshots of flamingo parties on Pinterest. Who knew Emery would be so enamored with Florida’s signature bird? Of course, I love the fact that we can incorporate black and white stripes into the party somehow – win, win for us both. Here are just a few of the inspiration images that we’ll be trying to emulate when her big birthday rolls around at the end of the month. Of course, the real priority is just to enjoy the day and celebrate our sweet little girl. Until then, drool on and find all links and sources via Pinterest here.

Flamingo Inspiration - FlamingoPicPinterest

A girly birthday banner…Flamingo Party - Banner

Gold lettered balloons…Flamingo Party - Decor

Adorable flamingo cookies…

FLamingo Party - Flamingo Cookies

Chic and preppy invites….Flamingo Party - Flamingo Invite

Obsessed with the table cloth and this big gold heart…
Flamingo Party - Food Table

Every party needs shimming gold directions…

Flamingo Party - Gold Arrow This makes serving ice cream so easy!Flamingo Party - Ice Cream Love the overhead lanterns here…Flamingo Party - Table Decor Flamingo Party - Umbrella PlasticMilkBottle

Mini Milk Bottle

Flamingo Inspiration - TomKatStudio

  The Tom Kat Studio

Tutus and Toes in the Sand | Seaside, FL

Emery and I made a little extra time for the sunset today, just because. Her ballet class is about 100 steps from the beach, so it’s practically illegal not to skip over and check it out. Of course, a sweet treat is almost always involved and today we went for Dawson’s yogurt with sprinkles and M&Ms. It was perfection. Emery and I ate every bite, then she demonstrated her newest ballet moves as if she had an entire audience. This mostly involves lots of clapping her hands and saying, “Okay. Okay. Okay.” as she thinks of the next plié or pirouette. I love every minute. These are the moments I just want to pause and savor!

Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  |

Emery Style: December Ruffles and Boots

Heading home this weekend, Emery and I stopped along the way for popcorn, icees and the obligatory shopping trip. We’re off to the mountains in Tennessee next week for a trip with Hunter’s family so I was hoping to grab a few warm and cozy steals at Tar-jay and TJ Maxx. (Side note: Did you know kids get a free popcorn at Target when they’re buckled in? Just learned that today!) We browsed everything under the sun and found a few keepers. Sunday fun day with my sweet girl!

Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots

Emery Style Ruffle Cardi

Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots 2 Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots 3 Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots 4

Cottages for Kids 2013


My friend Shaye so graciously invited me to attend a kick off party for the annual Cottages for Kids display in Rosemary Beach. First of all, Rosemary is one of my favorite places on 30A, full of fun for both little ones and adults. Every year, the town plays host to the most amazing and adorable playhouses, on display for a few short weeks before traveling to their new homes where kids will undoubtedly spend hours upon hours playing and making sweet memories. One of our local charities, Children’s Volunteer Health Network, partners with area builders to coordinate the design and construction of these cottages that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. Even better? Anyone can bid on these and help make a difference for local children. Funds from the sales go straight to CVHN where school-age kids in need receive medical, dental, vision and mental health services from volunteer providers at no cost.

Emery tagged along with me and “tested” each playhouse until the sun went down. I can safely say each and every cottage is not only Emery-approved, but really impressive. From Seaside and Rosemary Beach architecture to a pirate ship, there was a lovely mix of styles that also included features like a rock-climbing wall, slide, television and plenty of stairs for endless climbing. The cottages are open weekends through November 30, so if you’re anywhere nearby, be sure to make a stop and let your little ones enjoy all the fun. For more details, visit the Cottages for Kids site here.


BID NOW for a chance to win this Cottage!
Generously built and donated by:


BID NOW for a chance to win this Cottage!
Generously built and donated by:
Heritage Builders and The Merchants of Rosemary Beach
Designed by HGTV’s Vern Yip


There’s Vern! What a fun and friendly guy who also happens to love Rosemary Beach. This playhouse is modeled after the real house he’s building with his family in Rosemary.


BID NOW for a chance to win this Cottage!
Generously built and donated by:
Chuck, LLC

BUY RAFFLE TICKETS for a chance to win this Cottage!
Generously built and donated by:
Davis Dunn Construction & Studio:A:Architecture with CUP Food You Pick Up & Redfish RenderingCottagesForKids-RosemaryBeach7


BID NOW for a chance to win this Cottage!
Generously built and donated by:
Freeport High School Key Club & Randy Wise Homes



Finally, after circling the entire Cottages for Kids area at least 50 times playing in all the playhouses, we headed for the car. Emery’s eyes lit up at the sight of the fountain and she begged me to find change so she could make a wish. (I don’t make this stuff up!) Of course, I couldn’t even find a penny, but she made do by throwing in about 8 acorns. Little moments like these make my heart so full and happy.  I wonder what she wished for? Perhaps, a fun new playhouse?CottagesForKids-RosemaryBeach9

Inspired Mommy: @KatherineMaries Instagram

KatherineMariesToothFairyKitBack in my college sorority days, I had a craft collection that even Martha Stewart might be a little jealous of. From scrapbooking and paddle-making to decoupaging, DIY artwork and personalizing EVERYTHING, I kept boxes upon boxes of supplies for random projects that might pop up. I even kept it up after college until my now-husband helped me move out of my apartment and much of “craft collection” mysteriously went to the dumpster. I returned to my old crafty self for a short period during wedding planning but since then all I seem to have time for is a metallic gold Sharpie (on a good day).

You know how browsing Instagram can lead to clicking one profile then another then another until you’re so far down a photo rabbit hole, you’re not sure how you stumbled upon an account? Well that’s how I found the most adorable Instagram. Katherine Marie’s page is everything a mom with even a hint of craftiness might want for sharing afternoon activities, girly fun, educational lessons and special moments with her kids. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites, especially the more girl-focused ideas, but you really have to browse the whole account to get the full effect. This woman is amazing. She has four kids from age 1 to 13, is a professional photographer and STILL finds the time to put together these incredible activities that I’m sure her kids will remember forever. It’s seriously a cuteness overload, and, for me, these images serve as a little inspiration to take extra time, even when it seems like there is none, to create a special moment just for Emery. After all, adorable crafts or not, it’s the little moments that turn into big memories.

Three Things

Okay, it’s actually six things and really, they’re all the same thing. I dare you to guess. It’s sweet Emery! She has been a ball of energy and personality lately and I am eating up every bite I can. She is fast approaching her second birthday and this “almost 2″ stage has been so fun. Here are a few things I’m head over heels for these days and please read all the way down for one of the best pictures ever.

1. Rainy day gear. Emery insists on her rain boots (naturally!) and one of her fun jackets. “Need mah hoodie mommy,” she says. “Mommy put mah hoodie on mommy. Mommy.”

I’m not usually known for getting out of the house early, but I try my best not to be late so she has a few minutes to break dance and splash in the puddles.
2. Break Dancing Yes, I said break dancing. I’m not quite sure where the girl gets these crazy moves, but she is a wiggler, shaker and stomper. There is so much movement for such a tiny little person! It’s pretty funny to watch and definitely a dance that is not truly captured in a photograph. I’ll have to work on the video version.
3. Books, books, books! Before dinner, after dinner, before bedtime, past bedtime. Anytime is a good time to read, according to Emery. She has a growing collection of books that she likes to flip through on her own or pay very close attention to when Hunter or I read to her. She knows some of the stories so well that she skips ahead to tell me what’s going to happen before we even get to that page. I love that she is a book worm, just like her mama.
4. iPad Games Now I know not everyone is a fan of too much time on the iPad, but the games we play have made such a difference in Emery’s vocabulary and interactions. She loves flashcards, matching games (Articulation Station), Build a Bug, storybook apps (Goldilocks and the Princess and the Pea are her favorites), Old McDonald and even the TBS laugh track app. I have to unlock my iPhone or the iPad but Emery knows what to do after that and even knows to stay within her “Emery” folder. She turns the pages herself, repeats words and numbers and giggles right along. She’s really learned so much! I can proudly say that she can sing the alphabet all by herself and count to 9. Sometimes I play with her, sometimes I just watch in amazement.

5. Feigned Annoyance Sometimes I think this girl is 1 going on 13 the way she looks at me with these pitiful, frustrated or just plain annoyed looks on her face. She actually rolled her eyes at me the other day! I say, “Smile, Emery!” and she just stands there like “Take the picture already, lady.” I think I’m gonna be in trouble when those adolescent years finally make their appearance.

6. Last, but certainly not least I love Daddy-daughter time. Not only does it give me a chance to sit back and take a breather but watching the interaction between Emery and Hunter just melts my heart. A big, strong manly man becomes a princess, a puppy, a beauty parlor client or a T-rex rodeo rider — whatever Emery wants. I love that I was able to capture this sweet moment at the park. Now that’s what we call a framer!

lace, pearls & angel wings

I recently read this article over on coolmomtech that names babies as the next great American consumer. I believe it. Who knew I would ever spend so much time browsing any Etsy page, baby boutique or store aisle that remotely appeared to have baby clothes, toys or accessories? Not me. But I have. And I’ve found some fun stuff. With treasures like a lacy bubble, ruffle butt bloomers, homemade flower headbands form here to eternity, a garland crown and gorgeous angel wings, I’ve been dying to do a backyard photo shoot with Emery. This weekend, I finally found enough time to get all the cool stuff together and hit the grass at sunset with my sweet girl in tow. Our country setup just happens to bring the perfect backdrop at the end of the day. The recent chill meant we couldn’t be outside long, since I had my 6 month old outside without a “wrap,” as my grandmother would say, so this took two sunsets. I couldn’t get her to smile, but she sure enjoyed nibbling on the J.Crew necklaces Hunter had given me awhile back. I think she has a future in baby food commercials!

 One of my favorites!

duckies galore

On another of our walks around Lake Defuniak, Emery and I got plenty of fresh air, sunshine and even duck sightings. We don’t usually walk right by the water and I didn’t realize there were so many duckies around the lake! Next time I’ll have to bring bread crumbs…
We took a note from the day and let Emery sleep with a few duck buddies of her own.