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Flamingo Party Invitation

Flamingo Party Invitation Emery's Birthday   |

We’re counting down the days until Emery turns 3 and these little gems just arrived in the mail. You might remember my flamingo party inspiration that Emery picked out during a recent Pinterest browsing session. A lawn flamingo and striped umbrella order later, we officially have a theme for Emery’s third birthday along with the cutest flamingo party invitations. Of course, I have to throw as much black and white in as I can while I still have the power to do so. Still finishing up other details for the party and I’ll be sure to share the final results along with all the birthday fun on the blog.

P.S. If you’re a font nerd like me, discovering and using new fonts is practically a hobby. The typeface for “Emery” on the invite is one of my new favorites – Ribbon font. Download it here.

2014 Printable Calendars

Okay, so when it comes to calendars and organization for the new year, maybe I’m a little late to the party, but as they say, it’s better to arrive late than to be ugly. (Someone says that, I’m sure). I have been using my lovely Emily Ley Simplified Planner for the first two weeks and really love it. I’m able to write down all my important notes and reminders in one place to stay on track and organized. One thing I also like to have at my desk is a little monthly calendar with just the dates. It’s not anything I write on, but use it more for a quick glance to reference a specific date, day of the week or see the month in a clean, simple layout. For those of you who like a little something pretty and useful staring at you all day, I’ve rounded up my favorite free printables from around the web. While these monthly snapshots are adorable as a set for the whole year, I think I’ll be switching it up just to have a little fun and mix up the styles. Check out my top picks here and tell me which one you’ll be downloading.

Printable Calendar - Oh The Lovely ThingsOh the Lovely Things

Printable Calendar - SomethingSouthern

Something Southern

Printable Calendar - Design Is Yay

Design Is Yay

Printable Calendar - The Ink Nest

The Ink Nest

Printable Calendar - My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home

Printable Calendar - Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling

Printable Calendar - Design Corral

Design Corral

Printable Calendar - This Girl Loves

This Girl Loves

Printable Calendar - Clean & Scentsible

Clean & Scentsible

Behance Blessings Of Rain


Pretty Sweet Fonts – Fun, Fabulous & Free!

I’ve been doing lots more graphic design these days, which I absolutely love. Sometimes, I’m given a project and directed to simply “make this pretty!” Those are the fun projects! Pretty sweet designs often require fun, fabulous FREE fonts and discovering new fonts is practically a hobby of mine. I tend to have weekly favorites, so this week, I’m sharing a few of them with you. Enjoy!

Google your favorites to download them from your preferred font source. I love, and
Simply Glamorous  |  Rabbit on the Moon  |  K22 Spottyface  |  Nollie  |  Cutie Pop  |  Desdemona  |  Honey Script  |  Gabriola  |  Carnivalee Freakshow  |  Jelly Cutty Cupcakes