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Weekend Tea Party for Two







Weekends were made for lazy lounging, extra snuggling and even an impromptu lunchtime tea party. As I was cleaning the kitchen and standing in front of the fridge to see what our food options were, Emery had the bright idea to put together a little tea party for two. Luckily we had just the ingredients for chicken salad sandwiches, sweet tea and leftover Halloween candy. I just love the mismatched tea cups we have and, even more, how simply sweet and imaginative my three year old is. Can I just freeze this time and age forever?

Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party Emery Tea Party

Emery Tea Party

Emery Style: Coral Paisley Dress

Emery always has a story to tell and as soon as she starts, the details just flow in and become more and more imaginative until the end result is nowhere near where the story started. Today’s version:

Me: Are you excited about school and playing on the playground today?

Emery: Yes, I’m so excited, mommy. I love the swings and I think I’ll take this little bitty bunny with me because that puppy is too loud and everyone needs a friend and I’m sure he likes to swing, but we better be careful because there are trees and a bear might come out and be ready to eat lunch and see us and want this little bitty bunny. Aww, I don’t want the bear to eat this bunny, mommy. He’s my friend.

Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion

Dress: Old Navy (last year, similar here and here)  |  Shoes: Old Navy (no longer available, similar herehere and here)

Mommy-Daughter Shopping in Rosemary Beach, Florida

Rosemary Beach Mommy Daughter Day

Fridays are always fun. Emery doesn’t have daycare and I try to wrap up my work projects as early as possible so we can find an adventure for the day.  On this particular day, our to-do list included shopping in Rosemary Beach. How fun! Since I had to stop in to drop off a printing project, I figured we would browse the Merchants of Rosemary Beach and shop for a new bathing suit for Emery.

This girl was a little grumpy when I woke her up from a nap, but a lunch date at Cowgirl Kitchen (and their Mac n Cheese) made it all better. 

Cowgirl Kitchen Rosemary Beach

I love getting the Nachos with extra fresh jalapeño, but today I ate every bite of the Drunken Shrimp Tacos. They are so good I could eat them twice.

Cowgirl Kitchen Rosemary Beach 2014-04-25 12.49.21 HDR

With full bellies, we strolled next door to Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashion & Toys. This store just puts a smile on your face. Bright-colored toys and games overflow onto Main Street and adorable clothes, toys and accessories fill the store. This is Emery’s “Mommy, can we please go in here?” dance.

Gigi's Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach, Florida Gigi's

Emery loved the model train that makes its way around a track on the ceiling. She took time to look at every item in the store – even the boys section – and carefully picked out her favorite swimsuit. Eenie meanie miney mo!

Gigi's Rosemary Beach

Gigi's Rosemary Beach

Of course, all the toys in the store are like a dream come true for a kid. Gigi’s even has retro games I remember like a See & Say, View Master and Slinky. I told her to narrow it down to just one favorite. Gigi's Rosemary Beach

Gigi's Rosemary Beach

How could I say no? After Gigi’s, we wandered down to Eastern Green with Emery running her heart out. I love the way everyone just parks their bicycles on the green before running down to the beach (located just beyond the dune here).

Rosemary Beach, Florida

As usual, it was a beautiful 30A day. The white sand is magic!

Rosemary Beach, Florida

I love this view of the town from the boardwalk with The Pensione Inn (the red building) on the left and The Pearl on the right.

Rosemary Beach, Florida Western Green

Rosemary Beach, Florida

We decided we better finish our errands and hightail it home so we could enjoy an afternoon in the sun. I couldn’t resist peeking into Willow Boutique as we strolled back to the car. The bright prints they have in stock right now are so fun and I love anything Mara Hoffman.

Willow Boutique Rosemary Beach

Mara Hoffman at Willow BoutiqueWillow Boutique Rosemary Beach

After one super quick stop at Fitz & Emme (where Emery played tea party while I browsed the clothes), we headed home for fun in the sun.

Fitz and Emme Rosemary Beach

That’s one happy customer and one happy mama!

Jami Ray

Flamingo Party Invitation

Flamingo Party Invitation Emery's Birthday   |

We’re counting down the days until Emery turns 3 and these little gems just arrived in the mail. You might remember my flamingo party inspiration that Emery picked out during a recent Pinterest browsing session. A lawn flamingo and striped umbrella order later, we officially have a theme for Emery’s third birthday along with the cutest flamingo party invitations. Of course, I have to throw as much black and white in as I can while I still have the power to do so. Still finishing up other details for the party and I’ll be sure to share the final results along with all the birthday fun on the blog.

P.S. If you’re a font nerd like me, discovering and using new fonts is practically a hobby. The typeface for “Emery” on the invite is one of my new favorites – Ribbon font. Download it here.

Emery Style: Polka Dots & Pink Shoes

Life is a runway, right? As we were walking into Publix this week, Emery ran ahead saying, “Mommy. Mommy! Look. Right here. I can say cheese!” She made a beeline for this little step outside the cart return and proceeded to ham it up as I reached for my iPhone. What a doll! <3

Emery Style  | Emery Style  |

Emery Style  |

Emery Style  |

Tutus and Toes in the Sand | Seaside, FL

Emery and I made a little extra time for the sunset today, just because. Her ballet class is about 100 steps from the beach, so it’s practically illegal not to skip over and check it out. Of course, a sweet treat is almost always involved and today we went for Dawson’s yogurt with sprinkles and M&Ms. It was perfection. Emery and I ate every bite, then she demonstrated her newest ballet moves as if she had an entire audience. This mostly involves lots of clapping her hands and saying, “Okay. Okay. Okay.” as she thinks of the next plié or pirouette. I love every minute. These are the moments I just want to pause and savor!

Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  | Seaside sunsets  |

Emery Style: Sparkles + Leopard

Sparkles, leopard and a bunny backpack. I definitely take full advantage of being able to help Emery pick out her clothes each morning (while it lasts!), but lately she takes full charge in choosing her accessories. Those outfit extras range from a necklace or purse to a bow or headband to which doll or animal gets the privilege of riding to school with us. This morning, a sweet little bunny backpack made its first appearance holding Emery’s “cell phone” and snacks for the day. I love this outfit! Even more? I love this sweet, sweet girl who gets smarter and funnier every day.

Emery Style Emery Style - sparkles and leopard Emery Style - sparkles and leopard Emery Style - sparkles and leopard Emery Style - sparkles and leopard Emery Style - sparkles and leopardCardigan: J. Crew crew cuts  |  Leggings: J. Crew crew cuts (similar)  |  Shoes:  Old Navy  |  Silver Bow:  Target  |  Bunny Backpack:  gift (not sure where from)


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Card)

This holiday season has been nothing short of a sprint. Is it just me or has it really flown by? Now, here we are mere days before Christmas with our last-minute family Christmas card (hopefully) arriving in mail boxes of family and friends. We almost didn’t do a card this year, but after deciding one morning last week to take a few snapshots that afternoon, here’s what we ended up with. Nothing like a little procrastination! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!2013 Christmas Card - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

A few of the outtakes…Ray Christmas Card Ray Christmas Card Christmas Card mommy daughter Christmas card mommy daughter Emery style christmas card

Emery Style: DIY Célfie Tee

You may have seen the often-sold-out CÉLFIE tee by Sincerely Jules on bloggers here, here, here, here and even a celebrity or two. A play on the Céline logo, it’s become a cult-favorite this year and certainly fitting as the Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” its word of the year.

I did a quick DIY project to make a “little Célfie” for Emery until an official Sincerely Jules for kids tee makes its debut. Meanwhile, I love this one!

Celfie Tee Emery Style Kid Fashion  |  Watercolor, FL

Celfie Tee Emery Style Kid Fashion  |  Watercolor, FL

Celfie Tee Emery Style Kid Fashion  |  Watercolor, FL

Celfie Tee Emery Style Kid Fashion  |  Watercolor, FLCelfie Tee Emery Style Kid Fashion  |  Watercolor, FL

Celfie Tee Emery Style Kid Fashion  |  Watercolor, FL

Santa Strikes Out – Again

Poor baby. Mom and I took Emery to visit Santa and after picking out her own outfit, the promise of seeing Santa’s helpers up close and personal and much coaxing once it was actually her turn, we officially struck out. I think this year’s visit was even worse than last year’s with the same stream of tears, sad face and even a cry of “Get me out of here!” Even Santa said it was the first time he heard that one. At least the trauma was all forgotten as soon as we walked away. Emery looked at the take-home picture, folded it and put it back in my bag. We went immediately to Zoe’s Kitchen for chocolate cake to make up for it. :)

Santa Visit  | Santa Visit  | Santa Visit  | Santa Visit  |  jamiray.comEmery Destin Commons  | Emery Destin Commons Christmas  |

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