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the grand opening

Since work wasn’t cancelled due to Sephora’s grand opening in Destin Commons last week, I’ve had to wait until yesterday to check it out. Finally, I got to see all the great products in person I had been scoping on the screen for so long. It was heaven!

Photobucket Photobucket
Just a few of the goodies I picked out. Must. Return. Soon.

Sheer Fashion

I’ve been noticing more and more sheer fabrics lately around the neckline. At first, I wasn’t a fan, but now it’s growing on me. It’s a ladylike way to wear a more revealing top and still be somewhat covered up. Just think of it as sophisticated ice skater apparel without the glitter, sequins or hideous white boots.

bebe has a black on black dress that looks both sweet and scandalous (if that’s possible!)

Check out the back!

Isla Fisher wore a pretty green version by Stella McCartney with sheer white on top to contrast the green lace print:
Tracy Reese makes a few cute ones too:

And for a little more laid-back look, Urban Outfitters never fails:


Shower Style

The wedding countdown is on! I can’t believe it’s less than two weeks away — I feel so unprepared! Some of the really fun parts of the time leading up to the big day are going to all the showers. The food is always cute and the drinks are always tasty! (Of course, as the MOH, I also have a very important job of writing down who gave what.)

Here are a few of the fashions:
From Left: BCBG dress with J. Crew belt, Deja Vu dress (from the Seaside store), LuluVia dress (from 96 Degrees in Seagrove)

From Left: Forever 21 dress, White House l Black Market dress (from Destin Commons) with yellow belt from Beach Buzz in Rosemary Beach.

Fun, fun, fun!

Sweet Stuff @ Frock Candy

Frock Candy in Destin Commons has such cute stuff. It’s not terribly pricey but always has a lot of fun tops and dresses plus super-cool accessories. Going out and need a clutch? Done. Love long necklaces like I do and want to add to the collection? Done. Need a bright new dress just because? Done. The best part is you can stop in, shop on the fly and not worry too much about the damage later. After all, it’s just a little candy.

Work is Fun (Or At Least Looks Good)

I’m not a big fan of doing household chores or paperwork and spend as little time in the kitchen as I possibly can. No one likes doing that un-fun stuff, right? At least with these cute folders and note pads from Knock Knock, making all the lists and staying somewhat organized will be fun even if actually doing the work isn’t.

These are from the new Luxe Apothetique in Destin Commons. They have lots of beauty goodies plus clothes like J Brand, Ella Moss, and William Rast. I wonder if they’re giving away any shopping sprees anytime soon!

Pretty Blouses!

Despite, a hot sunny Saturday, it’s been strangely foggy for the last few days at the beach and looks like the next day or two will be the same. I feel like I need to combat the dreariness with an extra dose of color and a little something to help feel pretty. Who doesn’t want that? I found a few girly blouses to help the mood, so gray skies — take that!

Ecote Mixed Print Chiffon Blouse, Urban Outfitters, $58
Embroidered Peasant Top, Ann Taylor LOFT, $19.99 On Sale!

We do have a LOFT at both Destin Commons and Pier Park, but sadly the only Urban O shopping I can do is online.

Goodies from Coach

A few of my favorite Christmas gifts came from the Coach store in Silver Sands and I’m sure were super bargains. I’ve already switched the essentials to this new black leather Legacy purse with a leather and chain strap. It’s positively delightful and I think it kind of looks like a Chanel cousin. Of course, I wasn’t the only one getting fab gifts. My dog is a little more GQ with his new Coach signature collar in black. It took him a little while to get used to it, but I think he loves it now, almost as much as I love my new bag!

Fetching Finds at the LOFT

I got the latest issue of InStyle in the mailbox a few days ago (which is always big excitement!) and saved one of those little cards that usually fall out and end up in the trash. This one was for 20% off at Ann Taylor LOFT and armed with my coupon, I stopped by the store in Pier Park. I got this black and white jacket for $29.99 and a cute yellow cardigan for $19.99 THEN because I spent over $50 I got a $25 cash back card for my next purchase over$50. Not too shabby! They’ve got a few new things to choose from so go check ‘em out (Destin Commons or Pier Park) and maybe buy an InStyle beforehand.

Photo: Ann Taylor LOFT

Smells like Tattoo Barbie

With Ed Hardy, you either love it or you hate it. At first I didn’t want to jump on the big bandwagon, but seriously, I am becoming addicted to those skulls and hearts and tigers. They’re just so cute and tough at the same time! I actually hadn’t bought much for myself but got a bunch of cool guys’ stuff and even bought the Ed Hardy for Men cologne for my favorite firefighter a few months back. I know. That’s hot.
So anyway, yesterday I found a gift bag in my hand and what was inside but the adorably pink and tattooed bottle of Ed Hardy for Women perfume. I love the the way the outside is so very girly, and covered in the “Love Kills Slowly” with roses and skulls. It smells fruity and delicious and amazing and the bottle makes a great decoration! You know anything this light and fresh is a winner at the beach, so go get your own and spritz it on for a day in the sun or a night under the stars. Go ahead and get the big one. You’re gonna want a lot.
Pick it up at Ulta in Destin or Belk in Destin Commons.