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30A Dining: CUP in Blue Mountain Beach

30A Food: CUP  |  jamiray.comAfter meeting the sweet owners at Rosemary Beach’s Cottages for Kids ribbon cutting several weeks back, I finally stopped in Blue Mountain Beach long enough to sample one of 30A’s newest eateries, CUP Food You Pick Up. I can already tell this place is going to be a favorite.

The concept is simple. Delicious, healthy meals are prepared fresh and packaged for your convenience. Just grab a cup, shake it up and eat it up. Getting food on the go really could not be any easier. Forget greasy drive-thrus (which don’t exist around here anyway), CUP is 30A’s version of fast food. With quality in mind, the ingredients and dressings are made in-house and even those on gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free or meat-free diets can find a CUP to suit. Even the cups themselves are biodegradable.

30A Food: CUP  |

Check out some of these delicious looking cups.

30A Food: CUP Tune Up Cup |

Tune Up Cup

30A Food: CUP Stuck Up Cup  |

Stuck Up Cup

30A Food: CUP  |

30A Food: CUP  |

30A Food: CUP  |

30A Food: CUP  |

One other element to CUP that I love is the “Give it Up” component. Each month, CUP selects one local charity and displays the mission and information for that charity in the restaurant all month long. All tips collected at the register in a “Compassion Cup” are donated as well. It’s a really thoughtful way to support the community that supports the business.

30A Food: CUP  |

While there is a bright, sunshiny dining area and even a Warm Up station for those who decide to stay and eat, I was running between meetings and grabbed the Tune Up Cup and a water to go.

30A Food: CUP  |

30A Food: CUP  | This is what my CUP ingredients looked like when poured into a bowl. Sesame Crusted Tuna, Cabbage, Pineapple, Quinoa and Edamame with a CUPlement of Ginger Wasabi Glaze. I should have taken a picture of the empty bowl as an “after” shot because the entire contents were gone in about 6 minutes flat. Easy AND delicious!

30A Food: CUP  |

CUP is located at Redfish Village in Blue Mountain Beach. Check it out when you’re in the neighborhood.

Three Things

Some days are so crazy and some weeks so busy that there’s seems to be no time to pause, reflect or even stand a chance at making it all the way down that lengthy to-do list. Throw in the annoying head cold that everyone seems to be passing back and forth and, well, it gets a little rough. It is these times especially that I have to force myself to take a breath, look forward to the light at the end of projects and stop and smell the roses (or in my case, the salt air). Three things that I am thankful for this week:

1. Five minute trips to the beach, even if it’s just to stand at the top of the boardwalk in the cold wind and take it all in.

2. An extra cup of coffee in my snazzy new home-made mug.

3. An extra snuggle, smooch and tight hand-hold from this little bundle, who always smells so fresh, mumbles absolutely the sweetest things and is turning into such a little lady. (Notice the must-have baubles and the obligatory tiny pinky in the air.) She is my heart!

Now, if that extra dose of caffeine will keep up the momentum going until her second birthday, I’ll be GREAT!


Redfish Village After Hours

This month’s Walton Area Chamber After Hours was at Redfish Village and even though it was a cold night, there was a nice crowd there to network, sip wine and check out the Village. Aside from the main tent set up on the lawn, there were 3 condos open for viewing with wine sampling in each. The Village Boutique and The Aesthetic Clinique had their doors open late as well. I met a few new folks, caught up with some old friends and loved every bit of the decor I saw. The interior design was all done by Lovelace Interiors and every detail was impeccable. I wanted to borrow quite a few of their ideas, but this was by far my favorite room. It’s the perfect combination of upbeat and peaceful, don’t you think?

Wake Up with PJ’s

PJ’s in Redfish Village is fast becoming part of my daily routine for leaving zombie mode behind in the morning. I’m a big fan of frozen coffees and their Velvet Ices are ridiculously good. They have freshly blended Mocha, Vanilla or Chai, so I like to rotate a different one every time for a little variety. Try a medium for $3.60.
As if the logo didn’t give it away, PJ’s also does delicious smoothies (via Planet Smoothie) and has more choices than you can imagine. The first Wednesday in September is 99 Cents Smoothie Day with the delicious Screamsicle™ (pineapple, peaches, orange juice, sherbet & anti-oxidant blast™) for only a dollar.
It’s hard to beat PJ’s for a jumpstart to another great day at the beach.