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Just Blowouts at the Drybar

Who doesn’t love a good blowout? It’s the secret to gorgeous supermodel / Lauren Conrad / Kate Hudson-style hair. I just read about this place, Dry Bar, in LA and it is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in awhile. I just wish it wasn’t so far away so I could pop in for a good blowout. Their “bar menu” ranges from styles like Southern Comfort (lots of volume) to Mai Tai (messy & beachy) to Manhattan (sleek and smooth) and more. What a simply fabulous idea! Even better? The decor is just as fab and fun as the bright idea. Love it!




Fab Hair in The City

I just started catching up on my favorite junk TV addiction and I can’t help but notice how fabulous everyone’s hair looks on The City. Straight, wavy, up, down. It all looks good. I feel like I’ve gotten into a hair rut lately and these styles are great inspiration to change it up a little. If making it is tough in New York, try battling Florida humidity on a daily basis. Good hair here is good hair anywhere!

Vanessa Hudgens is My Current Hair Idol

Lately, I’ve been a bit more in the curly hair mood what with all the rain and humidity. Anyone with naturally curly hair knows humidity is not your friend and rain is about as threatening as a giant snake. With that said, I wanted to make life a little easier during the rainy days, so I pulled my trusty Hai Rod out from the bottom of my hair drawer and put it to work with my current hair idol Vanessa Hudgens in mind. “What is a Hai Rod?”, you might ask.
This is it:

If you hold it upside down with the skinny end toward the bottom, you just wrap your hair around it, hold for a few seconds then let go. You’re left with one perfect Vanessa Hudgens curl. It takes about half the time as a regular curling iron and heats up to over 400 degrees in just a few seconds. This thing is like a magic wand. See? It’s really not that hard to get hair like Vanessa. You just need the right tools.

VHud Photos:

Julianne Hough Has Fabulous Hair

I can only imagine life with perfect Barbie-blonde hair like Julianne’s that does exactly what I want it to do (and stays). She probably never worries what the humidity percentage of the day is. That’s the life!

Short Hair Do

I’m not sure I’d ever have the guts to chop my hair off, but if I did, I think I’d want it to look a little something like Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. It has just enough texture and a great swoop in front. Maybe I could sport that after all!


Olivia Palermo Has Perfect Hair

If you watched the premiere of The City last night on MTV, I’m sure you noticed the perfection that was Olivia Palermo’s hair. There was not one strand out of place and her version of Whitney’s side twists is a little more put together. Just buy a pack of those little butterfly clips, part your hair in the middle, curl repeatedly and pin back a small front section on each side. I highly recommend a ceramic curling iron like this Chi, instead of a metal one. We can only hope the result will be close to Miss Olivia’s glorious tresses. Throw in a little Blair Waldorf attitude and wardrobe and the look is complete.


Great Hair @ Warren Tricomi

If only there was a Warren Tricomi Salon in this corner of the world! I would be that much closer to great hair like LC and Amanda Bynes. The Daily 10 had a cool segment today about the latest in hair extensions that certain unnamed celebrities (ahem) take full advantage of. The experts at WT are using surgical tape to sandwich the extensions between two sections of your own hair and even use pliers to smooth the tape. It’s supposed to be more natural and more manageable. Sign me up! The only downside (if you can make it into Warren’s): the first application is in the $750-$1250 range with follow up visits around $350-$500. I’ll just keep dreaming about that Victoria’s Secret hair and buy another bottle of volumizer.

Photo: X17 online

Smells like Tattoo Barbie

With Ed Hardy, you either love it or you hate it. At first I didn’t want to jump on the big bandwagon, but seriously, I am becoming addicted to those skulls and hearts and tigers. They’re just so cute and tough at the same time! I actually hadn’t bought much for myself but got a bunch of cool guys’ stuff and even bought the Ed Hardy for Men cologne for my favorite firefighter a few months back. I know. That’s hot.
So anyway, yesterday I found a gift bag in my hand and what was inside but the adorably pink and tattooed bottle of Ed Hardy for Women perfume. I love the the way the outside is so very girly, and covered in the “Love Kills Slowly” with roses and skulls. It smells fruity and delicious and amazing and the bottle makes a great decoration! You know anything this light and fresh is a winner at the beach, so go get your own and spritz it on for a day in the sun or a night under the stars. Go ahead and get the big one. You’re gonna want a lot.
Pick it up at Ulta in Destin or Belk in Destin Commons.

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