Six Going on Sixteen. No Really.

Call it the Hollywood way. Call it the cool mom approach. Call it whatever you want. 
The new(ish) trend going around is letting little kids play the part of teenager. Not just for play time or dress up, but all the time. Between wearing clothes way beyond their years, sporting dark lipstick and (gasp) even dying their hair, these hip Hollywood kids barely look their age. 
I don’t mind a little makeup here or there for fun after a certain age, but I’m not so sure about letting a 5, 6 or 7 year old color their hair or get highlights. What do you think? Would you let your kids do this?

Suri Cruise (daughter of Katie Holmes)
Kingston Rossdale (son of Gwen Stefani)
Coco Arquette (daughter of Courteney Cox)

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