sara evans at the red bar!

Guess who showed up at our little ol’ Red Bar in Grayton Beach to sing some Patsy Cline? The beautiful Sara Evans! She jumped up on the stage after dinner with our local favorites Dread Clampitt, much to the delight of all the other diners eating every bit of Panne Chicken on their plate. So sad I missed this, but the video is awesome. I think South Walton has the perfect combo of quality family time mixed in with good old fashioned fun. Obviously, Sara agrees. She even has her kids come up to the stage, but tells them to sit back a bit because it’s “her show!” I love a sassy Southern gal! Sara even looks fabulous on vacation. Check out her dress and those earrings!

(You can see another country crooner showing his love for the Red Bar on CMT last year in this post.)

Without further ado, here is Sara Evans singing ”Blue Moon over Kentucky” and “I Fall to Pieces” at the Red Bar.

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