how to throw an arm party in four easy steps

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Arm parties are everywhere these days and you don’t have to be “on the list” to participate. It’s super easy to throw together your own and really, you can do no wrong. It’s all about your personal style and using whatever you have hiding in your jewelry box.

1. Survey the space. Lay out all the bracelets you have on your dresser.
2. Send invites. Grab at least five bracelets to hang out on your wrist, throwing them on in no particular order.
3. Mix it up and make it interesting. Don’t worry about who sits where or which ones match.
4. Put yourself out there. Rock the arm party with confidence.

In case you need a little inspiration, here are some arm parties thrown by the fabulous people that invented them, the Man Repeller and Dannijo plus a few places to shop snazzy wrist wear on the cheap. Enjoy!

Instagram images via @manrepeller @dannijo, arm party originators
Instagram images via @manrepeller @dannijo, arm party originators
via H&M
via J.Crew
Giambattista Valli Spring 2012, via Glamour Tumblr

Here’s a lovely round-up of happening arm parties around the blogosphere, courtesy Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

And finally, a few arm party shopping spots for the budget minded gal (WanderlustForever 21) or not (ShopBop). 
Go ahead. Go a little crazy. :)

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