green acres

Have I mentioned we live in the country? Some weekends are decidedly more  ”Green Acres”-esque than others. Even though we’ve been here for a few months, adjusting to the ways of country life is still, well, an adjustment. Our house is surrounded by grass, trees, rolling hills, doves, robins and deer. We have hunting dogs with names like Bo, Luke, Daisy, Tacoma and Crockett.

These guys live down the road.

The nearest store stocks everything from milk, bread, butter and Frappuccinos to corn feed, diesel and cattle guards . Instead of white sand and turquoise water, the vibrant hues in our lives come from green grass, golden fields, blue skies and blue jeans. (Though we still get plenty of the aforementioned color fix from the south end of the county.)

Family time is important as ever. The laid-back, feet outstretched, head in the grass moments, are full of pure relaxation and happiness. My girl is happy. My husband is happy. Life is good.

Sometimes it’s not about where you are or what you’re doing, but more about being with the people who mean the most to you and making every moment one that you can sit back, relax in, and drink in, donkeys and all. 
P.S. Is it me or does Zsa Zsa’s shirt look a bit like this season’s J. Crew button-up? :)
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