Fire & Lights

The weather lately has been a far cry from the typical warm beach breezes and sunshine we get so used to during most months of the year. The usual activities have been put on hold — thanks to (literally) freezing temperatures — and nights inside have taken over. Heaters are on and fires are ablaze! There is something about a fresh fire dancing about that I find very relaxing and a little mesmerizing. The same goes for Christmas lights during the holidays, which always add just a bit of flair to familiar sights. I don’t even mind the big colored lights, which I used to hate. I’ve been enjoying the tree lights in Seaside over the last month or so as I’ve driven past them almost every day. I think I’ll miss them when they’re gone. I finally stopped and took a picture before they’re taken down. So pretty! They’re like jazzy jewelry for even the simplest sidewalk.

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