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Social Media Snippets

As you probably know by now, much of my business is based on social media and I love soaking up nerdy factoids full of stats, best practices and new trends. No matter if you’re using social media for business or pleasure, I wanted to share a few helpful tidbits and resources for those of who are just as addicted as I am.

1. Know the Ropes. While the nature of social media is very in-the-moment, it is still essential to have a plan, know what you’re doing and carry out the strategies based on goals and milestones you’ve set. Great social channels aren’t just spontaneous, they are thoughtful, organized and interesting.  I love this Beginner’s Social Media Guide that lists great ways to get started on the right foot.

2. Get Sucked In. Walk the walk and talk the talk. To establish an expert voice, it’s important to gauge what everyone else is doing, keep up with trends and adjust as needed. Setting aside 15-30 minutes to troll Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might seem like a time-sucker, but it really is time well spent if you do it in a strategic way. This article goes in depth to show how to do a social media audit that can determine the best content for you to post.

3. Keep it Simple When it comes down to it, no one else can be your voice the way you can. Be thoughtful, but don’t overthink it. Use common sense and keep posts, emails and other messages short and to the point. These proven tips are great to keep in mind next time you type a tweet, write a blog post or send an email.

Ideal Length of Tweet Post

via this FastCompany article here

A Colorful Morning

Colorful morning.jpgI don’t always have extra time in the morning, but when I have a few minutes to spare, I take full advantage by slowly sipping coffee at the dining room table, flipping through a magazine, watching the birds fly along the water in the backyard and planning outfit details in my head. It sure beats running like a crazy person out the front door!

Instyle Magazine  |  Earrings from Willow Boutique  |  Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick


2014 Printable Calendars

Okay, so when it comes to calendars and organization for the new year, maybe I’m a little late to the party, but as they say, it’s better to arrive late than to be ugly. (Someone says that, I’m sure). I have been using my lovely Emily Ley Simplified Planner for the first two weeks and really love it. I’m able to write down all my important notes and reminders in one place to stay on track and organized. One thing I also like to have at my desk is a little monthly calendar with just the dates. It’s not anything I write on, but use it more for a quick glance to reference a specific date, day of the week or see the month in a clean, simple layout. For those of you who like a little something pretty and useful staring at you all day, I’ve rounded up my favorite free printables from around the web. While these monthly snapshots are adorable as a set for the whole year, I think I’ll be switching it up just to have a little fun and mix up the styles. Check out my top picks here and tell me which one you’ll be downloading.

Printable Calendar - Oh The Lovely ThingsOh the Lovely Things

Printable Calendar - SomethingSouthern

Something Southern

Printable Calendar - Design Is Yay

Design Is Yay

Printable Calendar - The Ink Nest

The Ink Nest

Printable Calendar - My Scandinavian Home

My Scandinavian Home

Printable Calendar - Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling

Printable Calendar - Design Corral

Design Corral

Printable Calendar - This Girl Loves

This Girl Loves

Printable Calendar - Clean & Scentsible

Clean & Scentsible

Behance Blessings Of Rain


Monday Motivation

Morning coffee and glitter nails

I’m getting started this morning with my new favorite drink. It’s my own mocha concoction made of one Donut Shoppe coffee plus one Hot Chocolate from my Keurig. Try it! It’s delicious.

Here are a few links to get your week started the right way:

Have a great week!

Communicator of the Year & Image Awards

IMG_5742Hunter joined me in Pensacola last night for an evening of supporting my fellow PR professionals who were recognized with Image Awards. Little did I know, I had been nominated for the annual Communicator of the Year Award. What a surprise to hear my name called as the For-Profit award winner. The last twelve months have been busy, challenging, rewarding and most of all, a time for learning and improvement both personally and professionally. It’s such an honor to be recognized by my peers. Thank you all so much! 

Congrats also to my good friend Kelli for earning a coveted Image Award with Visit South Walton. We had a wonderful evening celebrating in downtown Pensacola at the event followed by cocktails and tapas at Global Grill. Even though my husband’s name isn’t on the actual award, he really deserves as much credit for supporting me and putting up with me. I definitely couldn’t do it without him. Cheers to hard work paying off!







IMG_5725 IMG_5731

Communicator of the Year

Pretty Sweet Fonts – Fun, Fabulous & Free!

I’ve been doing lots more graphic design these days, which I absolutely love. Sometimes, I’m given a project and directed to simply “make this pretty!” Those are the fun projects! Pretty sweet designs often require fun, fabulous FREE fonts and discovering new fonts is practically a hobby of mine. I tend to have weekly favorites, so this week, I’m sharing a few of them with you. Enjoy!

Google your favorites to download them from your preferred font source. I love, and
Simply Glamorous  |  Rabbit on the Moon  |  K22 Spottyface  |  Nollie  |  Cutie Pop  |  Desdemona  |  Honey Script  |  Gabriola  |  Carnivalee Freakshow  |  Jelly Cutty Cupcakes