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Flamingo Party Invitation

Flamingo Party Invitation Emery's Birthday   |

We’re counting down the days until Emery turns 3 and these little gems just arrived in the mail. You might remember my flamingo party inspiration that Emery picked out during a recent Pinterest browsing session. A lawn flamingo and striped umbrella order later, we officially have a theme for Emery’s third birthday along with the cutest flamingo party invitations. Of course, I have to throw as much black and white in as I can while I still have the power to do so. Still finishing up other details for the party and I’ll be sure to share the final results along with all the birthday fun on the blog.

P.S. If you’re a font nerd like me, discovering and using new fonts is practically a hobby. The typeface for “Emery” on the invite is one of my new favorites – Ribbon font. Download it here.

Flamingo Party Inspiration

One thing I love about Pinterest is the never-ending supply of ideas. Type in “girl’s birthday,” “turning 3″ or “pink party” and the stream of beautiful images ready to be DIY’d is non-stop. Another reason I love this is that I can browse the ideas along with Emery and get her reaction to all the pretty pictures. After being introduced to a flamingo on one of our flash card apps, Emery’s now-favorite bird quickly shot to the top of the potential themes when we saw a few of snapshots of flamingo parties on Pinterest. Who knew Emery would be so enamored with Florida’s signature bird? Of course, I love the fact that we can incorporate black and white stripes into the party somehow – win, win for us both. Here are just a few of the inspiration images that we’ll be trying to emulate when her big birthday rolls around at the end of the month. Of course, the real priority is just to enjoy the day and celebrate our sweet little girl. Until then, drool on and find all links and sources via Pinterest here.

Flamingo Inspiration - FlamingoPicPinterest

A girly birthday banner…Flamingo Party - Banner

Gold lettered balloons…Flamingo Party - Decor

Adorable flamingo cookies…

FLamingo Party - Flamingo Cookies

Chic and preppy invites….Flamingo Party - Flamingo Invite

Obsessed with the table cloth and this big gold heart…
Flamingo Party - Food Table

Every party needs shimming gold directions…

Flamingo Party - Gold Arrow This makes serving ice cream so easy!Flamingo Party - Ice Cream Love the overhead lanterns here…Flamingo Party - Table Decor Flamingo Party - Umbrella PlasticMilkBottle

Mini Milk Bottle

Flamingo Inspiration - TomKatStudio

  The Tom Kat Studio

first birthday party inspiration

It’s nearly the end of January which means the last day of March will arrive and greet us in the blink of an eye. What’s the last day of March, you ask? Why, it’s my sweet Emery Lynn’s birthday and 2012 marks her FIRST. My once tiny little baby is practically a toddler and is turning one in a mere two months. I realize I’ve got to get my act together and plan a birthday celebration fit for a princess a cool kid.

I’m not really one for smocked dresses, enormous bows, cartoon characters or monograms on every possible surface, so I’d like to keep this party relaxed, laid-back, coordinated (read: not matchy-matchy) and certainly not cheesy. Sorry Dora and Disney, you’re simply not invited this year. As much as I was against pink in the beginning of this “We’re having a girl!” journey, I’ve come to accept it and even appreciate the ultimate girly color when it’s accompanied by pops of turquoise, bold graphics and even vibrant floral patterns. With this in mind, along with my beloved gray and white chevron pattern, I’ve pinned several bits of inspiration for the party-to-be.

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