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Emery Style: Coral Paisley Dress

Emery always has a story to tell and as soon as she starts, the details just flow in and become more and more imaginative until the end result is nowhere near where the story started. Today’s version:

Me: Are you excited about school and playing on the playground today?

Emery: Yes, I’m so excited, mommy. I love the swings and I think I’ll take this little bitty bunny with me because that puppy is too loud and everyone needs a friend and I’m sure he likes to swing, but we better be careful because there are trees and a bear might come out and be ready to eat lunch and see us and want this little bitty bunny. Aww, I don’t want the bear to eat this bunny, mommy. He’s my friend.

Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion

Dress: Old Navy (last year, similar here and here)  |  Shoes: Old Navy (no longer available, similar herehere and here)

Emery Style: Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket

These days, getting Emery dressed has been a challenge. It isn’t our differing opinion that adds minutes to the morning routine (at least not yet!), it is the freezing cold, arctic front that has turned our mild Florida winter into something of a tundra. Luckily, layers are our friend and we’ve been piling them on. This is one outfit Emery picked out head to toe. I’m pretty sure those leopard flats are the most-worn item in her closet and therefore the best bargain ever scored for Emery. Details at the bottom.

Emery Style - Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket Emery Style - Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket

Emery Style - Cobalt Blue + Military Jacket

Sweater, Jacket and Jeans: Old Navy  |  Leopard Shoes: Cynthia Rowley

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Does anyone else actually sit down to eat breakfast on a weekday or is it just our family that runs out the door with a waffle, banana or granola bar in hand? In order to snooze the alarm until the last minute, we save time by laying out an outfit the night before. This is what we ended up with today: a fun floral button-down and bright accessories. Is it spring yet?

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Emery Style: Orange Floral

Headband: F21  |  Necklace: Beach Baubles  |  Shirt: J. Crew crew cuts or similar here  |  Jeans: Circo at Target or similar here  |  Shoes: Old Navy

Kid Fashion: Valentine’s Day

It’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. The holiday is just too lovely to put off. Shopping for Emery’s clothing and accessories is as much or more fun than shopping for my own. There are so many cute things in store these days, especially for a holiday as girly and adorable as Valentine’s Day. I like to stick to styles that are simple, not-so-fussy and not the typical princess, character splattered kids fashion. I also like pieces that can mix in with other things in her wardrobe and stretch beyond just one occasion. i.e. You will probably never see me buy something like a smocked, monogram dress, those weird bell-bottom outfits for girls or a personalized shirt with embroidered hearts and Emery’s name. It’s just not my thing. These items, however, I love. I would actually wear most of them in my size. Click links below for details on each.
Kid Fashion - Valentines Day

Gingham Dress  |  Pink Striped Shirt  |  Chambray Shirt  |  Heart Glasses  | Red Heart Jeans  |   Ban.Do Hearts   |  BELIEVE Tee  |  Organic Twirl Skirt  |  Heart Scarf  |  Beach Baubles  |  Striped Heart PJs  |  Glitter Wristlet  |  Leopard Print Dress  |  Polka Dot A-Line Dress  |   |  Satin Ballet Slippers

Emery Style: Polka Dots and Boyfriend Jeans

Emery is rocking the boyfriend jeans look today. Also known as “need-to-do-laundry-so-let’s-wear-jeans-you-haven’t-grown-into-yet” look. What do you think?

Emery Style: December Ruffles and Boots

Heading home this weekend, Emery and I stopped along the way for popcorn, icees and the obligatory shopping trip. We’re off to the mountains in Tennessee next week for a trip with Hunter’s family so I was hoping to grab a few warm and cozy steals at Tar-jay and TJ Maxx. (Side note: Did you know kids get a free popcorn at Target when they’re buckled in? Just learned that today!) We browsed everything under the sun and found a few keepers. Sunday fun day with my sweet girl!

Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots

Emery Style Ruffle Cardi

Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots 2 Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots 3 Emery Style Ruffle Cardi + Boots 4

Emery Style: Stripes, Pink and Leopard

Kid Style - Emery

Kid Style - Emery Kid Style - Emery Kid Style - Emery

Cardigan – Carter’s  |  Ruffle Tee – Target  |  Shoes – Cynthia Rowley (found at Marshall’s)

Six Going on Sixteen. No Really.

Call it the Hollywood way. Call it the cool mom approach. Call it whatever you want. 
The new(ish) trend going around is letting little kids play the part of teenager. Not just for play time or dress up, but all the time. Between wearing clothes way beyond their years, sporting dark lipstick and (gasp) even dying their hair, these hip Hollywood kids barely look their age. 
I don’t mind a little makeup here or there for fun after a certain age, but I’m not so sure about letting a 5, 6 or 7 year old color their hair or get highlights. What do you think? Would you let your kids do this?

Suri Cruise (daughter of Katie Holmes)
Kingston Rossdale (son of Gwen Stefani)
Coco Arquette (daughter of Courteney Cox)

half a year

How is it possible that six entire months have already flown by since March 31st? Emery is already at the half year mark and I still sometimes have to remind myself that Hunter and I have a baby! She is such a cool. laid-back girl and has fit right into our lives like a perfect fit. She goes with the flow, doesn’t mind new people or new places, and rarely even frowns, let alone cry for hours. Emery is always so happy and smiley and seems like such a little lady. She loves to hold her hands together and touch my face or Hunter’s face. She puts her hands in her mouth all the time and will settle for her feet sometimes, too. She sits up all by herself now and likes to lean over to see things closer. She reaches for everything she can and opens her mouth to make singing noises and grunting sounds. She blows raspberries all day long and is just learning to pull herself up from a sitting position. Every now and then,  we even hear a shriek, as if she’s just testing it out in case she needs it. Since we started on baby food this month (organic of course!), she’s learned to swallow and not spit it all out. She loves dinner time, fiddles with her bib and likes to lean over and open her mouth in my direction, so I know she’s ready for another bite. She’s a bit of a princess in that regard. She likes her toys  and cuddles at bed time. Cat naps are plentiful and bath time is a favorite. Just laying down in the water puts her at ease. She likes a lot of sleep and is so happy when she wakes up in the morning. In short, she’s growing up fast. We even refer to a few months ago as “when Emery was a baby” because she seems so much more mature. I love this sweet girl with all my heart and can’t wait to see her smiling face every day. She’s my pride and joy and she’s six months old today!

pink poufy petticoats galore

It may be St. Patrick’s Day, but all I see is pink! How cute are all these little petticoat skirts from Gigi’s in Rosemary Beach? I can’t wait til Emery is big enough to play with these! They’re just adorable.
I LOVE this little outfit that would be perfect for the fourth of July. Maybe in a few years.

Photos: Gigi’s