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Breakfast at Gravel Road

I finally made it to Gravel Road for breakfast – twice. It’s that good. If you haven’t been yet, then believe me when I say you’re missing out. Everything is delicious. So far I’ve tried the 3 eggs plate and the Pigs in a Blanket with Hunter opting for short stacks both times. They open at 7 AM, so it’s the perfect stop on the way to work. It sure did make an early morning seem a little nicer! Make sure you say hi to Jesse and tell him I sent you! They even have drawers with coupons and goodies for some of the locals and I’ve got a free dessert with my name on it. Now I just need to swing by a little later in the day…


It was Jenny’s birthday Monday at work and we went to Sushimoto in Miramar Beach for lunch to celebrate. This place has only been open a few months and I hadn’t been yet, but I will definitely be going back. We loved our food and the decor is very clean and relaxing. The bar chairs were possibly the most comfortable ever. I definitely need to look again at those. I went for the tuna salad and Jenny went for a few rolls. The fact that I could eat the whole salad with only chopsticks was a minor accomplishment for me. I’m not the most skilled with those things, but even so, it was all tasty and delicious! In fact, I’m starting to crave sushi again right now… We were both happy campers.

Happy birthday Jenny! Sushimoto was a good choice!


Anyone who knows me knows I am domestically uninclined in almost every way. I prefer to focus my energy on other areas, that’s all. My skill level in the kitchen is pretty close to the bottom, so I can really appreciate simple classics like the always-tasty dish mac n cheese. When Jennifer and I were in New York for my birthday we went to the best place serving only macaroni and cheese: S’MAC in the East Village.

It was amazing. I mean mouth-watering amazing. You choose your cheese, meat, veggies or whatever toppings you want, then it is served in your own personal iron skillet. There are a few different sizes but we each went for one of the mediums since we were starving. I picked grilled chicken, broccoli and cheddar cheese while Jennifer went for a hamburger/cheddar combo. She said after she ordered she was afraid it would be some version of Hamburger Helper, but it turned out to be really, really good. We couldn’t quite finish our skillets, but ever since we went I’ve been comparing every mac n cheese I’ve had to this and none of them compare. It was by far the best. Now, if only I could do it myself….

Weekend Breakfast of Champions

We went to Another Broken Egg Cafe in Grayton Beach again last week. The breakfast/brunch selection on 30A can sometimes seem limited, especially in the winter and especially when you just want the basics. This place tends to be a frequent stop for me and I don’t think you can go wrong with the classics. Sausage, eggs, cheese grits, and blueberry pancakes always taste good there. (Not that I eat all of that by myself.)

Gravel Road Open in Seagrove!

I’m so excited! Not just because today is Friday, but also because my friend Jesse’s restaurant Gravel Road is now open in Seagrove! They’ve moved from Uptown Grayton and have taken over the old Yianni’s location here. They’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner! If you’ve never tried it, I can vouch that it is absolutely delicious. Their grouper sandwich is practically world famous, but you can’t go wrong with any choice. Jesse and company even hosted my sister and her husband’s rehearsal dinner last May, which was fabulous. I think we’re still hearing raves about the food and atmosphere. Here’s what I can take away from all this: with options like Gravel Road, I have one less reason to learn to cook. Agreed?

GMAC Bowl at the Fish House

After a long day at work and more cold weather, Hunter and I headed to the Fish House Wednesday for more sushi, a cold beverage and the GMAC Bowl on ESPN. I think he’s been slightly addicted since we went to the Shrimp Boat in Panama City a week or two ago and he finally tried sushi for the first time. (I don’t know how you grow up at the beach without trying sushi.) My friend Steven Adams plays football for Troy University and since we didn’t make it to the game, we had to catch him on tv. He’s like another brother. Here are all the boys playing Rock Band 2 at Christmas:

He played really well! Troy lost a close one, but it was really cool to see Steven on the screen and hear his name being called over and over by the guys on ESPN. I was very proud! As always the sushi was delish and I ate more than I should have. Edamame, crab salad, a taste of a roll here and a a few bites of a roll there… I was stuffed! All I could do after that was call it a night!

Key Lime Deliciousness

Just when I think I have no chance of making it through the day, let alone the week, I find this in front of me after lunch. One tasty sliver of key lime pie can erase the stress (temporarily) and make me smile bite by bite. After all, there are no calories in this, right?

Piggy Cake

I showed the invitations for this backyard BBQ awhile back, but I didn’t show off one of my proudest accomplishments – the pig cake. That’s right. I made a cake that was not only edible, but tasty, pink and looked like a little piglet. It was a minor miracle. Most everyone who knows me, knows that I spend very little time in the kitchen and probably couldn’t make an omelet to save my life. Since I waited way too long to order a professional cake, I was forced to take on the task all alone. In the spirit of Steel Magnolias’ red velvet armadillo cake, I decided the piggy should match the invites and be made out of strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting colored pink. A few boxes of cake mix and a few cans of frosting did the trick (making the pig was enough of a challenge without actually measuring and mixing all the ingredients). I even put on my black and white apron, which clearly helped me get serious.
After a few hours of pouring, baking, waiting, cooling, cutting the layers smooth, frosting, frosting and more frosting, this is what I came up with. Not too bad, eh? AND it was completely devoured – success in my book!

Cupcake Kind of Day

Sometimes you have those days when you just need a little something extra to
feel slightly less frazzled and less like a crazy person. Mondays tend to make me feel that way and I think sweet treats have a little more healing power than they usually get credit for. Today would be a perfect day to indulge in a little fresh-baked goodness from this little corner bakery. Doesn’t it look warm and inviting?

It’s Billy’s Bakery in NYC! If only it was my corner bakery. I think it’s even better than the famed Magnolia Bakery, which I also had to sample when my sister and I were in New York not too long ago. I loved everything about the place, from the buttercream walls to the vintage floral panels to the retro aqua accents. Not to mention the baked goodies themselves….
Just look at some of those cupcakes! I didn’t even get a shot of the whole selection, but I zoomed right in on my usual choice – red velvet. Mmmm… Jennifer went with the classic chocolate with a minty green frosting and, of course, sprinkles on top.
It didn’t take long to go from this….
to this.
Maybe it’s a good thing Billy’s isn’t right around the corner after all. It might be a little dangerous!

A Trailer-Side Sweet Treat

You might remember seeing the Queen Bee Cupcake trailer in Seaside (or here) between Fruit Cocktail and Raw & Juicy. There are a few classic treats it’s hard for me to resist and cupcakes are one of them. I usually prefer the ones Jennifer makes (strawberry & cream cheese – hint, hint), but I had to give these a try, too. I opted for “Chocolate with Pink” and “Key Lime”. It’s hard to compete with the homemade version, but these were pretty tasty. The chocolate was definitely my favorite!
Here’s a before:
And after: Mmmmmm… delicious!

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