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InStyle with Black, White & Yellow

Check out this great room featured in January’s InStyle magazine. Gotta love that black and white!

Go to Extremes
In your home, classic black-and-white — shown in a living room by L.A. designers Woodson and Rummerfield — is inexpensive and widely available but always looks lavish. For added interest, work in a third color, such as hot pink, red or yellow.
Photo: InStyle

Redfish Village After Hours

This month’s Walton Area Chamber After Hours was at Redfish Village and even though it was a cold night, there was a nice crowd there to network, sip wine and check out the Village. Aside from the main tent set up on the lawn, there were 3 condos open for viewing with wine sampling in each. The Village Boutique and The Aesthetic Clinique had their doors open late as well. I met a few new folks, caught up with some old friends and loved every bit of the decor I saw. The interior design was all done by Lovelace Interiors and every detail was impeccable. I wanted to borrow quite a few of their ideas, but this was by far my favorite room. It’s the perfect combination of upbeat and peaceful, don’t you think?

Magnetic Personality

I love this magnet! It’s perfect for me and adds a little humor to the fridge. I tend to have the same philosophy as Carrie on Sex & the City and consider my oven as additional storage.

Looking Forward to Spring

Today is freezing! Not technically, but as far as beach weather goes, it may as well be. It’s nice to actually use warm jackets and scarves instead of only storing them in the back of the closet, but I can’t help but look forward to the fresh sunshine ahead. This artwork from Urban Outfitters reminds me of the fun, pretty colors of spring and the fact that it’s really just around the corner.

Scavengers Hunting

I love browsing in Scavengers, just waiting to see what treasure I can find around every corner. I always walk out with something when I go. They have a little bit of everything from furniture finds and art to knick-knacks and lighting. It’s almost all old-made-new stuff or at least is made to look that way. I’ve bought quite a few things there, including one of my favorite purchases, a vintage sideboard I painted black that my TV sits on. A close runner-up is this vintage perfume bottle that I found over the weekend. Doesn’t it look so elegant and super cool all at the same time? Love it!

Live What You Love

I saw a snapshot of this artwork by heartfish on one of my favorite blogs {black.white.bliss} and had to see more. I love it! Clean and simple goes a long way. There are a few different color options that were all made at a letter press studio in New York. Of course, my favorite is the black and white but the yellow is a close second.

They’re available for purchase here on Etsy for about $12.50 each.

Photos: heartfish

Out of Focus

I love these Focus prints from Crate & Barrel by Anthony Tahlier. They seem so simple but I could stare at them all day and just imagine what the picture looks like in focus.
Photos: Crate & Barrel

The City Style – Curtains @ DVF

Yes, The City is one of my guilty pleasures and yes, I love the style of the girls’ fashions, the apartment styles and even their work places. Tonight we got a glimpse of the DVF studio during a photo shoot and it took about .135 seconds for me to fall in love with the big black and white curtains hung up everywhere.
They look a little similar to these curtains I got awhile back at Target in Pier Park that are only $34.99-$39.99. I have them up in more than one place around the house and I love them. I’m not sure that black and white will ever get old for me!

Black & White Pillow Covers

Black & white is my absolute favorite color combination and I love these throw pillow covers from Ikea. Like everything else at Ikea, it’s a super bargain at only $6.99 each. I have two sitting pretty on my couches right now!

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Don’t have room for a traditional Christmas tree or have just procrastinated in putting one up? Try one of these alternatives. They’re great for people like me in small spaces or people (also like me) who don’t want to deal with a 3D tree — real or fake. I love the one from Atla — it’s so creative! With that and a Frasier fir oil diffuser, it looks and smells (almost) just like Christmas!

Etsy Wall Decal – Merry Christmas
Etsy Wall Decal – Tree Graphic

You can even choose the colors of the text and ornaments on the two decals!

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