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creating a nursery – stage 1

I know you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting hear what we plan to do about a nursery. You saw my inspiration ideas weeks ago and only now am I getting around to some of those very important details. First thing’s first. I ordered a crib back in November which was delivered a few weeks later. The box has been sitting unassembled in the former guest room/office for  awhile now, waiting for a little attention. I finally decided it was time to get our act together so I had Hunter assemble it. We’ll get back to that when we talk more about the furniture for our little peanut, but for now you can see in the snapshots below that we do indeed have a sweet little bed for a sweet little nugget. 
So, what’s the first big project on our list? Painting of course! Luckily, we only had to cover half since the bottom is white. We went from a hazy blue-gray called Woodlawn something (by Valspar) to a sweet, soft, barely-there pink.
At first I didn’t want anything to do with a color remotely resembling pink, but the more I shopped around and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted my baby girl to be, well, girly. Don’t worry, I won’t be going over-the-top (I hope!) with frills and lace and ruffles galore, but a neutralish pink wall will be the perfect backdrop for our girl’s first room. What do you think?

Seeing Red

It didn’t take long after Hunter and I got engaged in February that I started getting these grand ideas of repainting the house, decorating, buying new furniture — the whole nine yards. It also didn’t take long for me to realize how expensive redecorating projects are and how much work it actually takes to do all that. Hunter was quick to point it out. We decided to do a little at a time, starting with painting since everything would have to be cleared out until the painting was complete. We decided to start with our bedroom, painting walls, moldings and baseboards on our own, but after way too many coats of paint, crooked lines, splatters and rough edges, we’ve moved that to the back of the list to re-do our re-do. Moving on to the next phase, we picked colors for the living room, dining space and kitchen, which all connect plus new paint for all the trim and huge vaulted ceilings. The last thing I wanted to do was spend a week making sure every crack and corner of this big project was covered, so we did the smart thing and hired a professional. In no time at all, we had fresh paint! The dull brown ceiling and boring beige walls were a thing of the past. We’re still working our way through the house, room by room, but thanks to a spiffy paint job and lots of kitchen-related wedding gifts, I think we are ready to check this room off our list. Of course, I love anything black and white, so I wanted to incorporate those colors, but I also wanted to make sure there was lots of energy in the wall color (in hopes I might be inspired to spend time in there cooking!).

Before: (sort-of, this was after the first coat of paint on the ceilings)

The picture is a little fuzzy, but you can see the basics are there. It just needed a little brightening up.




Bright white ceilings, red walls and plenty of black and white accents. Fun, fun, fun! It’s some of my stuff, some of his stuff and some post-wedding stuff. I love our little bar area, even though Hunter hates my penguin and we only have one bottle in the cool dispenser. I got the New York street canvas from Pottery Barn a few years ago. We toasted with the champagne glasses at our wedding and purchased most of the other bottles on the in St. Lucia. The bar itself came from my old apartment.
A few of the little things that I love: this kitchen timer and grocery list pad from Anthropologie. So fun to use! Stay tuned for the rest of the rooms. They’re not all finished, but I’m hoping they will be one day.

Geek Chic

First of all, if you haven’t been shopping on Etsy, you’re totally missing out on tons of really cool hand-made products, lots of creativity and prices that are hard to beat. There are plenty of deals to be had on items covering every category under the sun. think of. Maybe it’s the nerd in me that loves online shopping. I don’t know. I openly admit to having a nerdy / geeky / dorky / clumsy / uncool side (which the fiance loves — or says he does). Little things like fonts, jargon, jokes that need to be explained, bookstores, computers and repeating silly movie quotes are…. well, the cheese to my macaroni. (And I love mac n cheese!).

Here are a few Etsy items to love to the nth power:

This vintage dictionary page with typewriter print by Little Blue Bird Studios would be perfect near my desk. After all, what nerd doesn’t need a good vocabulary?


Why not beat someone to the punch and sport your un-coolness loud and proud with this necklace?

These Ctrl, Alt, Del key pillows are definitely geek chic! I would love them. Not to mention they’re Eco-felt (made from recycled plastic water bottles).


How cute are these “nerd” and “dork” espresso cups? They would be the uber-cool touches to brighten a dull morning.


P.S. If you want to take the geek test, go here.

Pretty Little Bottles

After finding my first perfume bottle at Scavengers back in January, I can now officially say I have a collection. The big clear bottle was the first find a year ago. My sister Jennifer gave me the fun pink one back in May when she got married and just gave me the sleek black bottle last week. The other clear bottle came as a Christmas present from my Aunt Sheree and the tiny blue and gold one came from my cousin Katie. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for her, but once she heard I had a collection going, she decided to add it to mine. Thanks, Kate! I love all my pretty little bottles!

Is it Friday Yet?

I found this lovely little tin bank at Francesca’s in Destin Commons last weekend. I think it is appropriate today…..

“Every coin you drop in here shaves one minute off the clock”

It even suggests swiping coins from your co-workers’ desks and pocketing coins found in the seat cushions of your carpool ride. It’s by BlueQ and there are a few other cute ones here :

Sit. Relax. Gossip.

One of my favorite signs ever. I found it at Scavengers in Santa Rosa Beach a few years back and had to have it. I love anything black and white (of course) and since it was under 10 bucks, I was sold. Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and get a few things off your chest.

Black and White Houndstooth Chairs Rock!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I am a total sucker for anything black and white. It really never goes out of style and is always exciting to the contrast in new patterns and styles. In this case, it’s fun to see a classic print like houndstooth jazz up an otherwise so-so living room. When I came across this photo, I thought the chairs were absolutely fabulous and I wanted them for myself instantly! I’ll take them both! Wouldn’t they look great with a touch of yellow or a nice calm blue? They have just enough edge without being overwhelming.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

I can definitely appreciate this idea. I have a big bookcase in my bedroom without a single book on it. (Don’t worry … I have plenty of books elsewhere in the house). Instead, it serves as my shoe closet, with most of my good shoes sitting on the four shelves with easy access. It keeps me from throwing them in the bottom of the closet or kicking them off all over the house and doesn’t make for a bad display. I use the same idea for my clutches and small bags, housing them on a wall shelf, but I seem to be missing the fabulous black quartz bookends above. I guess I’ll just have to add them to my wishlist or keep my eye out for a more budget friendly pair! How stylish!

Photo: InStyle, January 2009

The Oval Office Gets a Facelift

Almost everyone knows the familiar look of the President’s Oval Office, thanks to movies or Will Ferrell SNL skits. Wonder what it would look like with a modern update? Done. Elle Decor gave a peek thanks to imaginary facelifts from a few designers — Jonathan Adler, Gossip Girl set designers and Calvin Klein Home. Pretty Sweet. I love the blues in the first and the artwork in the second. Very stylish.

Jonathan Adler’s version.

GG and Calvin’s version.

Happy President’s Day!

Photos: Elle Decor, NBC via Harvard Gazette

Jonathan Adler Does the Oval Office

Imagine the Oval Office revamped! This is what it would look like if Jonathan Adler had his way.

From InStyle:

“For President Obama’s Oval Office, I added moi signature touch of drama
with my Montmartre table and Horse lamps. Throughout my redesign, I used
tone-on-tone walls and drapery, and repeated patterns, like the presidential
seal on the rug. I tried to invigorate this historic room with a youthful,
spirited look while keeping a tone that is distinctly American. The pieces
and fabrics I chose lend a fun air to a typically austere and serious
environment. This represents a new, sophisticated chapter for the White

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