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Shopping for Decorative Trays

I’m always looking for ways to stay more organized, especially if it makes me (and my stuff) look nice and tidy. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty tray to corral smaller items on places like the bathroom counter, the coffee table and even on a bedside table. I like the idea of keeping everything in a designated place whether it’s a group of hair products, displaying jewelry, stacking books or holding small odds and ends. Here are a few of my inspiration images and links to shop at the bottom:


Lucite - via Pinterest

Via Pinterest 

White Lacquer

Lacquer Tray - Gal Meets Glam

via Gal Meets Glam


Metal Tray - via Glitter Guide

Metal Tray - via Glitter Guide2via The Glitter Guide


Wood Tray - Karlie Kloss at Home


Printed Tray - Design Manifest

Colorful - Pinterestvia Pinterest

Shop  Lucite here   |   White Lacquer here and here   |   Gold Tray here and here   |   Wood here and here   |   Colorful here, here and here

Have you found any fabulous trays? Please share the links in the comments!

Coastal Glam Decor Inspiration

I came across a House Beautiful article the other day titled “14 Signs You Decorate Like You Live in Beverly Hills.“  First I thought, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by glitz and glam, feeling like a pampered A-lister? I’ll take that any day. Second, I started thinking about how my style has evolved over the years. With fashion, my preferences certainly indicate multiple personalities. In the realm of decor, my taste is becoming more fine-tuned, even if I can’t quite turn my wish list into a reality just yet. Where I once loved rustic, shabby chic styles with muted neutrals and frilly pastels (yes, there was a time!), now I love simple, streamlined looks with contrast, pops of bold color or pattern and a little sparkle. I still love lots of white and clean coastal style, but now with a little more glam factor. Mixing Beverly Hills and the beach, I like to call this style “coastal glam”.

There are a few key elements to achieve Coastal Glam in my book:

  • Black and White Stripes. Think glitzy Hollywood pool decks and chic Miami Beach cabanas clad in classic black and white stripes. Even Coco Chanel adored crisp stripes for their ”graphic sensibility”.
  • Rich Texture. Leather, cashmere, a little (faux) fur and a few soft flower arrangements work wonders.
  • Bright White. A coastal design just wouldn’t be right without crisp, clean, brilliant white. It just makes everything feel fresh.
  • Bold Patterns. The Beverly Hilton has their signature palm print, David Hicks has posh hexagons and coastal glam needs fresh, fun patterns like dots, (more) stripes, bright florals or clean geometric patterns.
  • Small Bursts of Color. Saturated shades in small doses stand out and make a statement, helping to soften the overall look. Think Marilyn Monroe pink in Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends, Tiffany blue and sunshiny yellow. In our case, 30A’s signature turquoise and emerald waters would be a great pop.
  • Shiny Accents. Just a few finishing touches in the way of pearly shimmer, diamond-like sparkle or metallics like gold leaf and mercury add just the right amount of shine for a fabulous feel. I have to say gold is my favorite and it’s really hard to go wrong with gold accessories.

Here’s a little more coastal glam inspiration. Can I take them all?

Coastal Glam - Black White Stripe Curtains


Coastal Glam - Stripe Chairs

Coastal Glam - The Pearl in Rosemary Beach, FL

The Pearl in Rosemary Beach, FL

Coastal Glam - Stripe Dining Chairs

Coastal Glam - Bedroom

Coastal Glam - Dining


Coastal Glam - Entryway

Coastal Glam - Entry

Coastal Glam - White Dining Room

Coastal Glam - White Bedroom

Room design by Wendy Schwartz.

Coastal Glam - Beach BathroomCoastalLiving

Glam bathroom via Coastal Living

Coastal Glam - Patterned Walls

Coastal Glam - Pink House

Coastal Glam - Back Porch Coastal Glam - Beach Hat Coastal Glam - Good Day Coastal Glam - Living Room

Benjamin Moore “Ballet Slippers” pink Palm Beach

Coastal Glam - Gold

via Elle Decor

sharp-looking shutters

While combing through a few yet-to-be-unpacked tote boxes in the shed today, I came across one lonely shutter. (Yes, I still have some unpacking to do, nearly five months later, but who’s counting?) It’s not hard for something to stand out in a small storage room full of junk, but this piece has potential. It’s a single, tall greenish shutter with an obvious layer of dust and perhaps a spiderweb or two. The old thing looked great! I’ll have to ask Hunter where it came from or what house it belonged to, but I’m sure that I can find a lovely home for it in one of our nooks or on one of our walls. Since it’s not a set of shutters, just one, it might be a bit more challenging, but here are a few ideas I’ve come across. If you have a better one, do share! I’d love to hear. I’m hoping to find a brilliant idea and knock this project out this weekend. 
Images clockwise from top left: via; via; via; via

lining up shoes and such

There’s always list of things I plan to accomplish each weekend and most of the time, I’m lucky to get one item checked off. Today, along with about 50 leftover to-dos, I have added “CLEAN & ORGANIZE CLOSET!” I’m sure it would be a much nicer process if I were lining up rows of red-bottomed shoes in a china cabinet, placing stacks of tees and cashmere sweaters carefully on a well-lit shelf or sipping champagne from the lounge chair in my closet, but unfortunately, my closet doesn’t look anything like these:

Mariah Carey’s closet via Google

Carrie Bradshaw’s closet via

Tory Burch store closet

A girl can dream, right? Off to organize a not-so-exciting closet. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

currently obsessing over…

The awesomely preppy trays, plates notepads and such by the fabulous Dabney Lee. I will take one of each of these.

lucite tray

ice bucket

I didn’t realize I was so preppy at heart until browsing some of the goodies on the site. Perhaps my inner nerd should have been an indication. I even got excited about seeing all the different swatches and color options. A plethora of preppy prints!

Now I need to cleverly place a hint where Hunter will see it or leave the webpage open next time he gets on the computer. Christmas will be here before we know it! (wink, wink)

Currently devouring the latest issue of VIE Magazine, which also happens to be the fashion issue. A more perfect combination could not be created. This winter issue is fabulous!! It is my absolute dream to attend a fashion show during New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and I’m wondering how I can pay the lovely ladies and gents at VIE to take me along next time. I would die. For now, I can dream and let my heart skip a beat at these chic, glossy pages.

This mouth-watering, amazingly delicious, full of goodness tomato mozzarella and avocado salad from ValSoCal. Seriously, what’s not to love? You should know by  now that I am always obsessed with avocados and a caprese salad is anyone’s friend, right? The best part is this looks easy enough for even me to handle.

image: ValSoCal

Val’s Recipe:

       Mozzarella, Tomato and Avocado Salad

       1 container cherry tomatoes, cut in half
       1 carton fresh mozzarella cheese pearls, drained
       1 avocado, peeled and diced
       1/3 cup basil, julienned
       2 tablespoons fresh parsley
       1/4 cup lemon juice
       1/4 cup olive oil
       salt and pepper

        1) In a large bowl, combine the tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and parsley, Set aside.
        2) In a small bowl, whisk the lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper. Pour over tomato
        mixture. Toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.
        3) Just before serving the salad, stir in the chopped avocados. Serve salad with
        slotted spoon and toasty bread.
        4) Goes perfect with a glass of Pinot Grigio ; )

Can’t wait to whip this up again and again!

currently obsessed with…

It’s officially a full-on obsession and I can’t get enough. I see zig zags and striped straws everywhere I look and it’s only added to the need for more.

1. How chic is this bold and fabulous dress? I’d wear it in a heartbeat. 2. Emery would look so cute and snuggly in these zig zag pj’s. 3. This clean card wouldn’t get lost in a pile of boring others. 4. This strong rug balances the light bright colors and adds a little fun to a room.

5. My mouth is watering to sip lemonade from this lovely peach and white striped straws. 6. This pink striped burst makes me happy. 7. Striped straws in mason jars? Love!
8. I could sleep for days in this comfy bed. 9. A small dose of zig zag gives your nails a little personality. 10. This picnic setting looks absolutely splendid with that DIY blanket.
11. Simple and fun invites. 12. The perfect addition to a sweet snack.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Pantone Color Inspiration

In my dreams, I’m at a fashion show in one of the big tents watching gorgeous models walk gracefully up and down the runway, and I’m mesmerized but furiously making mental notes about colors, trends and styles I see. Since that is only happening in my head, I like to review Pantone’s Fashion Color Report after the spring and fall runway shows to see what shades of the rainbow stand out this moment. This inspiration for me covers home decor, too. Behold the Fall 2011 summary. I love the soft neutrals on the right for possible wall colors with a few punches of fun from the ones to the left. Hmm… Do I see grey walls in my future? I’ll have to take this inspiration to Pinterest for round two…

monday musings in black and white

Another Monday has arrived. The weekend’s over. The alarm goes off way too early. The one cup of coffee doesn’t cut it. The email inbox is overflowing. The day seems to drag on. One of these black and white signs would be just the right inspiration to sweeten any first day of the week. On second thought, I think I’ll get carried away and ask for both.

emery’s nursery

I’ve finally FINALLY finished Emery’s sweet little space. It took months of contemplating colors, cribs and furniture selections before I eventually put it all together for the princess. It was mostly complete by the time we packed our bags for the hospital, but a few details and waiting for the chair to arrive meant it wasn’t finished until after we brought her home.
The possibilities were endless. I knew I wanted something less “baby” and more of something she can grow into. I wanted quality pieces that would last and transition through toddler-hood and beyond. That wasn’t an easy task considering many of the options are obviously kiddie-looking with cartoons or unsophisticated construction. I also liked to think Emery will be a girly girl like me and not mind too many sweet details. While I am typically not a fan of pink at all (I own one pink shirt and have worn it twice), the first item I finally decided on was a pinkish Serena and Lily crib set. I thought it was pale enough that I could manage it, but still had the lady-like qualities I was thinking of. The copper brown accents helped round out the palette and I opted for dark finish furniture to balance out the light pink and white. I’m really not a fan of light or medium wood finishes so the options were either espresso, white or black. Espresso it was! Mixing personal keepsakes and details plus flea market finds with high and low furniture pieces totally made the look. Check it out.
A friend of mom’s made this cute sign to hang on our freshly purchased 5-panel doors from Lowe’s.
I matched the bedding color to a paint chip to get just the right sweet, pale pink. Apparently, there are way too many pinks to choose from with some more peach, some more purple and some the color of Pepto Bismol. I thought this shade was perfect, though it seems a little brighter in this photo.

not quite pepto bismol…

Is it already Monday? I’m still in Sunday mode.
It was a busy weekend and a lazy weekend. Those two seem to go hand in hand lately as most tasks like straightening my hair, unloading the dishwasher and putting on boots require a little rest or at least a deep breath afterward. Even so, I feel like I made a lot of progress by getting the usual weekend housework done as well as painting the nursery. Yep, painting the nursery is almost done. At least step 1 of painting is done. A few finishing touches are still needed, but I’ve gone from staring at the paint chip to staring at the paint on the walls. Finally! Jennifer and I picked out the paint almost two weeks ago! It’s not quite pepto bismol, but it is pink.
As much as Hunter and I said we weren’t going anywhere near pink or anything too feminine (even once we knew it was a girl), it’s now clear that little Emery will be coming home to a bit more pink, frill, pink, girlyness and more pink than we originally planned. Surprisingly, Hunter has been even worse about picking out these kind of things than I have. I’m pretty sure he is already wrapped around her little finger…

Stay tuned to see which of these is the chosen color and for pictures of the finished paint project. (Not that the rest of it is anywhere near complete!)

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