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Fall Floral and Fiery Lips

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I’m normally one to rock a soft neutral lip or a girly pink, but my new navy and red blouse was enough to send me straight to the red lip zone. I actually found a red lipstick I’d purchased this time last year and used just once. It was a near-perfect match to the fiery orange-red of the dark floral print of this top and I even applied it in the car with just the rearview mirror. The vividness is a lot for my normal look, but I kind of love it. I also adore pairing navy and black together so I wore jeans and my tried-and-true black suede pumps with this look to dress it up a bit. It’s hard to tell but the blouse has a faux-leather patch on the shoulder. Even better? It’s a total bargain. Scroll down for the link!
Outfit Details:
Top: Target  /  Jeans: H&M  /  Bag: Philip Lim for Target  /  Shoes: BCBGeneration (snagged at TJ Maxx) similar here  /  Watch: Michael Kors

South Walton Fashion Week 2013

South Walton Fashion Week has just wrapped up and all I can say is “Wow!” From the trunk shows, to the runway shows, to talented emerging designers, to super sweet celebrity judges and, of course, all the amazing style, I feel like I’ve just woken up from a fabulous fashion dream. We’re doing a full wrap-up report in the next issue of 30A Street Style, but for now, here’s a glance of what my week looked like.

Getting country glam for the Southern Fashion House / DeJa Vu Stores / Judith March Boots & Bubbly party:


With talented designer Stephanie Carter of Southern Fashion House / DeJa Vu Stores / Judith March:


Hanging with my new friend Michela, MADE in the Deep South designer, at SFH headquarters:


With the lovely Cassie McConnell Kelley of Womanista blog:


Caitlyn and I chatted up Mychael Knight of Project Runway fame and now also of Project Runway All-Stars.




Sporting my new favorite black and white grid print blouse during Day 2 trunk shows:


Getting an insider recommendation on a lovely lipstick (YSL Volupte Candy No 4) at the Alys Shoppe:

YSL Volupte Candy no4

Checking out Emerging Designer shows including winner Ashlie Ming’s feminine edgy style:


Getting a backstage view:

Backstage at SWFW

Adding this dress from the Alys Shoppe to my wish list:IMG_5289

Seeing these totally awesome Jeffrey Campbell shoes:


Experiencing extreme bikini envy (and possibly hair envy) during the Ophelia show:

Celebrating a successful week at the Red Bar during the / Ophelia Swimwear Bikini Brunch:

IMG_2460 IMG_2452


Friday Favorites – Pretty Sweet Links

I love love LOVE the beauty of the blogosphere. Keeping up with friends old, new and even those never met helps me feel a little more connected and in touch. In the midst of a crazy week at work and piles of laundry at home that seem to reproduce spontaneously, I can check in with a few favorite blogs, scroll through inspirational words, photos of shopping inspiration, easy meal ideas and more. Though it seems like I never have enough time to fully digest ALL of my reading lists, I love discovering new tumblrs, blogs or profiles to follow and I’m sure you do, too.

Even though mine are a wee bit late this week, nevertheless, here are a few that have been especially lovely.

  • Anything cobalt. Anything mint.
  • Cassie over at Womanista celebrated her big 3-0 back in February and I finally got around to reading about a few of the things she’s learned in three decades. If you, like me, have been made acutely aware that the same milestone birthday is fast approaching this year, now’s the time to hop over and read all about it.
  • My FSU girl Cory of Eat & Relish is typically overflowing with delicious and healthy recipes and gorgeous tidbits of her adorable new San Fran life, complete with the cutest pug. Today, she pleasantly surprised us with a treat of her first Friday faves that includes food AND fashion (squeal!). I automatically want all of her “Get in my closet” links. Thanks, Cory!
  • Keeping with the food topic, I have been slightly obsessed with eating these in the morning, either made by me (yes, me!) or purchased directly from this Grayton Beach coffee house.
  • Next on my shopping list are pants like these seen on Cathy (another FSU girl) over at Poor Little It Girl. I love the spring styling head to toe!
  • Last but not least is darling Ainsley who always has the most lovely words. This week she delves into self-scrutiny and acceptance. It’s a beautiful thing!
Hope all of you enjoy a pretty sweet weekend!

Sunset Fishing

What’s better than spending a relaxing weekend with your honey? Spending a relaxing weekend with your honey on the water, watching sunsets from the boat, spotting dolphins and catching our dinner. Ahh, happy day!


Three Things

Some days are so crazy and some weeks so busy that there’s seems to be no time to pause, reflect or even stand a chance at making it all the way down that lengthy to-do list. Throw in the annoying head cold that everyone seems to be passing back and forth and, well, it gets a little rough. It is these times especially that I have to force myself to take a breath, look forward to the light at the end of projects and stop and smell the roses (or in my case, the salt air). Three things that I am thankful for this week:

1. Five minute trips to the beach, even if it’s just to stand at the top of the boardwalk in the cold wind and take it all in.

2. An extra cup of coffee in my snazzy new home-made mug.

3. An extra snuggle, smooch and tight hand-hold from this little bundle, who always smells so fresh, mumbles absolutely the sweetest things and is turning into such a little lady. (Notice the must-have baubles and the obligatory tiny pinky in the air.) She is my heart!

Now, if that extra dose of caffeine will keep up the momentum going until her second birthday, I’ll be GREAT!


Beach Baubles

People always ask me where Emery’s cute necklaces come from. She almost never leaves home without her bright chunky baubles. Guess what? I make them! When I couldn’t find just what I wanted, I started putting together my own necklaces for her outfits. They’ve been a bigger hit than I imagined and I’ve started making them for friends who ask. I’ll soon be setting up a place to purchase Beach Baubles online, but for now you’ll have to settle for these adorable photos from a mini-shoot we did this weekend. Cue the cuteness overload!

sweet southern sayings

Growing up and living in the South means hearing (and saying) my fair share of sweet southern twang. There are more country sayings around here than you can shake a stick at. Some of them are a bit of a tongue twister (“Can’t tell no one that ain’t been nowhere nothing nohow.”), some simply don’t make much sense (“You better get it while the gettin’s good.”), and some of them are racy enough to make you slap your mama (we won’t go there). Here are a few of my favorite phrases — at least the more lady-like ones — residing in the vocabulary of most any belle south of the Mason-Dixon line.

“Two peas in a pod.” Said about cute couple, best friends and other matches, good or bad.
“I’m fixin’ to….” Meaning getting ready to do something.
“Hush your mouth.’ Enough said.
“Quit being ugly.” In other words, be nice.
“Gimme some sugar.” Not the actual sweet stuff, but hugs and kisses. Usually said by a grandmother or to a child.
“How’s your mama?” Almost always an appropriate comment to fill a conversation or an awkward silence. Most likely one knows the mama, is related to the mama or was once related to the mama.
“Yes ma’am.” Not meant to be offensive related to age, but a term of respect to any woman. This cannot be repeated too often during a stern lecture or talking-to.
“Finer than frog hair.” Referring to a good-looking person or a general state of feeling fine.
“Well, I declare.” Usually follows a tidbit of juicy gossip or surprise when other words simply can’t be found.
“Slower than molasses.” Similar to “Slow as Christmas” referring to an even slower pace than the usual leisurely southern behavior.
“She wouldn’t be caught dead in public without makeup on.” The mantra of most well-heeled, coiffed, fresh-faced Southern Belles.
“Stick a fork in me, I’m done.” Referring to being aggravated, tired or even used after a little to much sun.
“Sight for sore eyes.” Referring to a handsome gentleman or lovely looking lady.
“If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Every Southerner knows who really rules the family (Hello, Steel Magnolias!),  so the satisfaction of the matriarch is of the utmost importance. You can bet your britches there’ll be hell to pay if Mama’s not happy.
This one takes the cake. You can say anything good, bad or ugly about someone, which under normal circumstances might sound downright mean, but as long as it’s followed with “Bless her heart,” there is no judgment implied, just a sweet observation.
Try adding these phrases to your conversations and find out just how quickly they can stick. You’ll be talking like you were raised here in no time!

go beach chic with judith march

If you’ve ever visited our beaches here in South Walton and wandered around Seaside, you’ve probably seen the bold striped curtains and sweet blue sign welcoming you to the beach store Deja Vu. It’s a quaint and cute clothing and accessory shop with a style that seems one party beachy, one party preppy, one part hippie, one part Southern belle and one part cool girl. It’s hard not to find something to like. Trust me. What’s even cooler? Stephanie Nichols, the owner and super cool local, designs the Judith March clothing line carried in the store! The line, named after two grandmothers, is gaining national popularity and is popping up in stores all around the South and beyond. It’s been so exciting to watch it grow!

Stephanie and her team do an amazing job representing our little beach town to the fashion set and always have captivating campaigns that show just how versatile the lovely little dresses, tops and shorts are. I’m a dress girl all the way, so I love seeing so many options for wearing an all-in-one outfit. For their 2012 lookbook, the Judith March girls took to the super chic Moroccan style Caliza Pool at Alys Beach and used its gorgeous water and white walls for their fashion backdrop. The final look? Fab.u.lous!!! 
Take a look:

Just lovely! Very cute and dresses that can really be worn anywhere. If any of you are really into gift giving, feel free to bestow one or all of these snazzy frocks upon your favorite blogger. Wink, wink.

To keep up with Judith March on their blog, go here. To keep up with owner/designer Stephanie Nichols on her blog, go here. To shop Deja Vu and Judith March, go here.

goodies for your valentine (and you!)

For Her: Essie nail colors for a sweet mani like Celia at Willow I Love You art card / Nikon J1 /  Michael Kors gold buckle ring /  Dotted Forever top from Deja Vu / J. Crew pearl and crystal pinwheel necklaceBond No. 9 at Patchouli’s

For Him: Of-the-Month Clubs: Beer of the Month and Dive Bar Shirt ClubFresh Baked Bacon Brownies / Edisto Oyster Knife from Williams Knife Co. / Book Book for iPhoneCosta del Mar polarized sunglasses /  Southern Marsh redfish tshirt /  Peter Nappi Deco Watch /

If you shop now, you still have time to get these goodies in time for lovey dovey day. Ladies, feel free to pass along this round up for your man (hint, hint). For any of you guys realizing the current month is February and that Valentine’s Day is next week, consider this your wake up call. Get moving!

Vacation in South Walton Like a Celebrity

So you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, the every day drama, the mundane and trade it in for a perfectly relaxing, salt-in-the-air, breeze-on-your-face, sun-on-your-skin, feet-in-the-sand kind of place? Our quiet little beach town has been frequented by one or two rock stars, country singers, politicians, world-renowned chefs and super star athletes. That’s right. We have our fair share of celebrity sightings on 30A.

Why? Because of this.

And the fact that locals leave them alone to relax and enjoy the scenery. Most people don’t do more than a double take when they realize they’re standing in line at Publix next to someone they just read about in a magazine or watched in Sunday’s big game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a little excitement, but this place is full of people with amazing stories of success, fortune and achievement. The one thing almost everyone here has in common is that they’ve traded in a more fast-paced, corporate-type lifestyles (no more black suits, board meetings and HOV lanes) for a moment or longer to get back to the basics.

So what does someone who could go anywhere or do anything do here? Check out some of the celebrity sightings in South Walton (updated):

  • Workout at Watercolor – Eli Manning, Laurie Hickson-Smith
  • Watch the sun go down at Bud & Alley’s – Sean Payton, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, Kenny Chesney, James Carville
  • Shop at Publix – Miley Cyrus, Emeril Lagasse
  • Eat at Cafe Thirty-A – Eli Manning, Lance Armstrong
  • Eat at George’s – Charles & Cassie Kelley, Emily Robison & Martie Maguire, Michele Kwan
  • Soak up the sun at Caliza – Katherine Heigl, Stephen Baldwin
  • Shop in Seaside – Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow, Jane Seymour
  • Browse toys at Duckie’s – Sheryl Crow, Kim Zolciak
  • YOLO board in the Gulf or coastal dune lake – Kellie Pickler, Ingo Rademacher
  • Indulge in perfected sweets at La Crema – Charles Kelley
  • Fill up at the Tom Thumb – All American Rejects
  • Sample Stinky’s delicious seafood – Bart Starr, Sam Bush
  • Stroll around Rosemary Beach – Katie Holmes, Vern Yip, Karl Rove, Kellie Pickler, Miley Cyrus, Tom Glavine
  • Dine at Fish Out of Water – Greg Kinnear
  • Eat at the Taco Bar – Eli Manning, Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo
  • Lay on the beach – Candace Crawford Romo, Kellie Pickler and pretty much everyone else
  • Play on the beach – Tony Romo, Troy Aikman (The best beach football game ever!)
  • Drink on the beach – Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney
  • Eat, drink, sing and kick up your heels at the Red Bar – Sara Evans, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Julia Roberts, Sheryl Crow, Luke Bryan and many, many more
White sand, beautiful Gulf water, friendly people and living life pure and simple. That’s what it’s about in South Walton and on 30A, whether you’re here for a weekend or a lifetime, whether you’re famous or not. The lesson here: You don’t have to be a Super-Bowl-winning quarterback (or a rock star, movie star, etc) to enjoy a taste of sweet southern Gulf paradise. You just have to be in South Walton, living like the locals.

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