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Shopping for Decorative Trays

I’m always looking for ways to stay more organized, especially if it makes me (and my stuff) look nice and tidy. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty tray to corral smaller items on places like the bathroom counter, the coffee table and even on a bedside table. I like the idea of […]

Emery Style - Coral Paisley Dress Kid Fashion

Emery Style: Coral Paisley Dress

Emery always has a story to tell and as soon as she starts, the details just flow in and become more and more imaginative until the end result is nowhere near where the story started. Today’s version: Me: Are you excited about school and playing on the playground today? Emery: Yes, I’m so excited, mommy. […]

Gigi's Rosemary Beach

Mommy-Daughter Shopping in Rosemary Beach, Florida

Fridays are always fun. Emery doesn’t have daycare and I try to wrap up my work projects as early as possible so we can find an adventure for the day.  On this particular day, our to-do list included shopping in Rosemary Beach. How fun! Since I had to stop in to drop off a printing […]

Ideal Length of Tweet Post

Social Media Snippets

As you probably know by now, much of my business is based on social media and I love soaking up nerdy factoids full of stats, best practices and new trends. No matter if you’re using social media for business or pleasure, I wanted to share a few helpful tidbits and resources for those of who […]

Flourless Chocolate Cookies - Gluten Free Baking

Fudgy Flourless Chocolate Cookies – YUM!

I’m not usually one to spend a lot of time baking, so when I do, I like something easy, delicious and worth the clean up! I came across these tasty-looking cookies on Pinterest and had to try them. These are flourless, super fast to make and full of rich chocolate. Here’s the recipe slightly adapted […]


A Colorful Morning

I don’t always have extra time in the morning, but when I have a few minutes to spare, I take full advantage by slowly sipping coffee at the dining room table, flipping through a magazine, watching the birds fly along the water in the backyard and planning outfit details in my head. It sure beats […]

Flamingo Party Invitation Emery's Birthday   |

Flamingo Party Invitation

We’re counting down the days until Emery turns 3 and these little gems just arrived in the mail. You might remember my flamingo party inspiration that Emery picked out during a recent Pinterest browsing session. A lawn flamingo and striped umbrella order later, we officially have a theme for Emery’s third birthday along with the […]

Flamingo Inspiration - FlamingoPicPinterest

Flamingo Party Inspiration

One thing I love about Pinterest is the never-ending supply of ideas. Type in “girl’s birthday,” “turning 3″ or “pink party” and the stream of beautiful images ready to be DIY’d is non-stop. Another reason I love this is that I can browse the ideas along with Emery and get her reaction to all the […]

Emery Style  |

Emery Style: Polka Dots & Pink Shoes

Life is a runway, right? As we were walking into Publix this week, Emery ran ahead saying, “Mommy. Mommy! Look. Right here. I can say cheese!” She made a beeline for this little step outside the cart return and proceeded to ham it up as I reached for my iPhone. What a doll! <3

Seaside sunsets  |

Tutus and Toes in the Sand | Seaside, FL

Emery and I made a little extra time for the sunset today, just because. Her ballet class is about 100 steps from the beach, so it’s practically illegal not to skip over and check it out. Of course, a sweet treat is almost always involved and today we went for Dawson’s yogurt with sprinkles and […]

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